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ANZ Bank Plans To Fire 170 Commercial Banking Staff, Union Says LeapRate

ANZ Group, recognised as Australia’s fourth-largest banking institution, has recently […]

ANZ Group, recognised as Australia’s fourth-largest banking institution, has recently announced plans to reduce its workforce by 170 positions within its commercial banking sector. This development was brought to light by a statement from a labour union on Tuesday, marking a significant move in the banking industry’s ongoing trend towards operational efficiency and technological integration.

In recent years, the Australian banking sector has consistently pushed towards digitisation and automation, aiming to streamline operations and enhance customer service. This shift has led to reevaluating staffing needs, particularly in back-office roles increasingly being augmented or replaced by advanced technologies.

While ANZ has refrained from officially confirming the exact number of job reductions, the bank has articulated that these adjustments in staffing are a strategic move to bolster its capacity to serve an expanding customer base through an enhanced focus on physical branches and digital platforms.

Moreover, ANZ underscores a steadfast dedication to the investment in data and technology infrastructure, signalling a long-term commitment to innovation and digital transformation within the banking industry.

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 Amid these changes, a spokesperson for ANZ expressed optimism regarding the affected employees, suggesting that a considerable number of those facing job cuts would likely secure alternate positions within the broader ANZ Group. This indicates the bank’s effort to mitigate the impact of such reductions on its workforce and to reallocate talent to areas of growing demand or strategic importance.

However, the decision to cut jobs has been met with criticism from the Finance Sector Union. Wendy Streets, the union’s national president, accused ANZ of prioritising profits over people. She highlighted ANZ’s substantial profit of A$7 billion in the previous year as a point of contention, questioning the necessity of the job cuts given the bank’s financial success.

As per its most recent annual report, ANZ’s total workforce numbered 40,000. The bank also reported that its revenue for the first quarter was consistent with the average quarterly revenue from the first half of the fiscal year 2023, during which it recorded a record annual profit.

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