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Apple has announced that it has hired engineers based in Paris to break into its new iPhone 15s and expose various security breaches and data threats which need to be eliminated before major spending. The new model, 15s, runs off an A15 Pro chip and boasts a performance core of 2 at 3.78GHz.

Apple noted that the A17 Pro chip delivers the most efficient and well-rounded graphics performance of all their mobile models so far, noting it as an “entirely new class of iPhone chip”. This self-hired cyber-attack comes after the company released Lockdown Mode, which aided the protection of devices against highly sophisticated, rare cyber security breaches. Whilst operating in Lockdown Mode, users will notice their device functioning on a reduced service (much like aeroplane mode operates) with impaired web browsing, photo capture and communications. An Apple statement noted:
[This is] to reduce the attack surface that could potentially be exploited by high-target mercenary spyware.

Apple’s head of security, Ivan Krstic, told the Independent:

I think what’s happening is that there are more and more avenues of attack. And that’s partly a function of wider and wider deployment of technology. More and more technology is being used in more and more scenarios. That is creating more opportunities for more attackers to come forward to develop some expertise to pick a niche that they want to spend their time attacking.


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As well as altering its processor chip, Apple recently ended its contract with AI giant Nvidia and began working on a new GPU to counter those offered by Nvidia. In October 2023, Nvidia announced the company will begin operating in the PC markets from 2025, potentially constructing GPUs and CPUs.



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