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Macroeconomic Indicators, Debt Debates, and the Threat of Credit Downgrades in the US

Looking ahead, this week is all about the macroeconomics with trader’s attention firmly focused on a string of critical economic readings including U.S Consumer Price and Producer Price Inflation figures – all topped off with yet another round of market-moving speeches from Fed officials – which may shed more light into the Federal Reserve’s next interest rate decision.

Elsewhere, U.S government debt will also be on the radar as the United States faces another potential government shutdown if Congress cannot pass funding legislation by November 17.

America’s alarming debt crisis is making headlines one again after the credit rating agency Moody’s lowered its outlook on the U.S government’s credit ratings to “negative” – citing the cost of rising interest rates and political polarization in Washington has significantly increased downside risks to the country’s economic and fiscal strength.

While Moody’s has not officially downgraded the United States’ credit rating just yet – the move presents another black mark for the economy that could hurt Americans’ by making it even more expensive for them to borrow money and make it more costly for the government to pay off its ballooning debts.

Back in 2011, Standard and Poor’s downgraded the United States after months of political brinkmanship over the nation’s debt ceiling. More recently in August this year – Fitch Ratings also downgrading the U.S credit rating from AAA to AA+ after the United States narrowly avoided defaulting on its debt for the first time in history.

The Standard and Poor’s and Fitch downgrade meant that the United States no longer carries top-notch AAA ratings from two of the three main rating agencies – And now the Moody’s negative outlook has made it more likely that the world’s largest economy is on the way to losing its last AAA rating.

The Surge of Commodities in an Uncertain World

During times like these, finding a safe place to store money becomes particularly important, which would explain why Commodities are everyone’s favourite trade in this increasingly uncertain economic and geopolitical environment.

Right now we have crisis on top of crisis, which as traders know – translates to opportunity on top of opportunity. While Commodities certainly don’t need a crisis to move higher, they definitely love a crisis!

Whichever way you look at it, one thing is clear. It won’t take much for Commodity prices to move significantly higher in this current macro-environment and breach new record highs in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Commodity Price Forecast

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