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Blast Accused Of Dishonestly Forking Optimism’s Code

Blast is again garnering controversy after allegedly altering the license for Optimism’s open-source codebase.

Blast, the controversial Layer 2 from the team behind the leading NFT marketplace, Blur, has been accused of forking Optimism’s code within minimal changes without giving credit to its original author.

On Jan. 31, Pop Punk, the pseudonymous founder of Gaslite, posted side-by-side screenshots of the codebase for Optimism and Blast, alleging that Blast made a handful of changes to pass the code off as its own.

“Hey Blast, It’s not very cash money of you to fork Optimism’s code, add a typo, remove a function, and then change the license,” Pop Punk tweeted.”

“Worth reminding that removing the license is literally one of the only things that you are not allowed to do with MIT,” added Pseudo, a researcher for Scroll.