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A senior US official with the US readout of the Biden – Xi meeting.

On Taiwan, as noted in the bullets below, “the biggest, most dangerous issue in US-China relations”. The no plans for military action is a welcome comment indeed. The last thing we all want to see is another war.

  • Biden and Xi had a substantial exchange about Taiwan
  • Xi made clear that
    Taiwan was the biggest, most dangerous issue in US-China relations
  • Biden made clear
    that the US Position is to maintain peace and stability, it believes
    in the status quo and asked China to respect Taiwan’s electoral
  • Xi said there were
    no such plans of China military action against Taiwan in coming years
  • Xi told Biden
    China’s preference was for peaceful reunification with Taiwan but
    then moved to talk about conditions in which force could be used
  • Xi was trying to
    indicate that China is not preparing for a massive invasion of
    Taiwan, but that does not change US Approach

More below on the economy and other issues.

  • Biden talks with Xi lasted some four hours
  • Xi did almost all of
    the talking in the session with Biden from the Chinese side
  • Biden, China’s Xi
    reached agreement on fentanyl
  • China will go
    directly after specific chemical companies making fentanyl precursors
  • We want to see
    whether China will continue to follow up on fentanyl crackdown
  • Today China agreed
    to mechanisms to address miscalculations and create forums for
    military to military contacts
  • Official: secretary
    of Defense Austin will meet with his Chinese counterpart when that
    person is named
  • Senior military
    commanders will engage with their counterparts from China
  • Biden made a very
    clear request to Xi that both countries institutionalize the military
    to military dialogues
  • China agreed to
    taking these steps on institutionalizing military dialogues
  • We all understand
    that ai, when used in military or nuclear operations, creates real
  • We are very much
    focused on practices regarding ai that could be dangerous or
  • The two sides were
    not yet ready for a declaration or framework about ai, this will
    require more serious interactions
  • Biden and Xi
    acknowledged that talks between national security advisers on taiwan,
    ukraine and middle east had been very valuable
  • Both leaders
    recognized that more work needed to be done about ai
  • Biden was direct
    with Xi that the playing field economically was not level, that
    forced repatriation of intellectual property was discouraging
  • Xi made clear to
    Biden that he wants to stablize the relationship with the us
  • Xi demonstrated a
    deep knowledge about the discussions within the united states about
  • Xi said it was
    unfair that there are negative views about the Chinese communist
    party within the united states
  • Biden made clear to
    Xi US Concerns about Ukraine
  • Biden expressed his
    desire that China weigh in with Iran to avoid steps that could be
    seen as provocative in the middle east
  • Biden told Xi the US
    Will not provide technology that can be used against the US
  • The two sides also
    had discussions about the need for China to be more transparent about
    nuclear issues related to the military
  • Biden made clear to
    Xi that China will need to do more on climate change
  • Biden told Xi China
    needed to take more steps on methane specifically
  • Talks were
    constructive, both leaders acknowledged that they want to keep lines
    of communication open
  • No plans for another
    visit between Biden and Xi at this time, but they kept the door open
    to that
  • Chinese officials
    said they had discussions with Iranians on regional risks
  • Biden made clear the
    differences the US Sees between Hamas and the Palestinians

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