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“USA LOSING crypto RACE?” 🏁 TOP NEW GLOBAL crypto HUBS! 🌐💥

Hello, fam! crypto Casey, here 👋 and I’m on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. In this important video we discuss the global landscape of the cryptocurrency industry and the increasing acceptance of crypto by non-US policymakers – emphasizing that the industry’s success is not solely dependent on the United States. We cover the regulatory advancements and adoption of stablecoins in different countries, and explore the potential impact on the US financial and technological systems. Let’s hit it!

CHAPTERS 💬 (Watch to the end!)

00:00 – Does crypto Need US?
00:30 – New Hub Jurisdictions Emerging
04:13 – Why War On crypto Hurts US
04:52 – Non-US Policy Makers Embracing crypto
06:48 – Blockchain Developers Leaving US
07:27 – US Is Small % Of Total crypto User Base
08:25 – Saving Grace: Stablecoins Pegged to USD
08:51 – Demand for US Dollars
09:51 – Legacy Systems Inhibiting Adoption
10:30 – What Does This All Mean?
11:30 – Next US Election: Important For crypto
11:57 – Accessing DeFi Apps
13:16 – How crypto Wallets Work


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