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Crypto Wallet Kresus Now Safeguards Sotheby’s Digital Art

Sotheby’s Metaverse — a leading platform for digital art on-chain — has recently integrated the Web3 SuperApp ‘Kresus’ to leverage the advantages of its “superior crypto wallet”.

Paving the way for Web3 enthusiasts, this collaboration offers a streamlined and robust avenue to acquire and manage artistic NFT collections through a unified platform.

Integrating Kresus into its infrastructure, Sotheby’s elevates its capacity for streamlined CryptoArt storage, heralding a transformative era in NFT security and management.

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Enhanced Security in NFT Asset Management

Established nearly three years ago, Sotheby’s Metaverse has emerged as a premier destination for NFT and digital art collectors, showcasing curated releases from a diverse range of artists, including Dmitri Cherniak’s ‘The Goose’, which netted a whopping $6.2 million. 

Meanwhile, Kresus distinguishes itself by providing a seamless experience with email signup, offering user-friendly and reliable mobile-optimized digital wallet storage.

The SuperApp employs advanced security measures, including biometrics, to bypass traditional seed phrases or passwords, ensuring the security of wallet access even in the event of email account compromise.

Sotheby’s integration of Kresus represents a significant advancement in asset management and security, promising collectors in the burgeoning NFT landscape a seamless and safeguarded user experience.

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