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Prioritizing user privacy and data security, open-source, decentralized browser Carbon is empowering Web3 users with a unique experience.
In today’s modern age, web browsers have evolved from just a gateway to the Internet, into a treasure trove of user preferences, history, and activities on the web. For a non-secure browser, these activities can be easily obtained by external parties and potentially used for malicious purposes. Unfortunately, most web browsers we use today take little or no consideration for user privacy. This is especially risky for crypto natives, as current solutions may be highly susceptible to exploits that may put user’s personal data (and funds) at risk. 

While there have been ongoing efforts to improve user privacy on popular web browsers, frequent updates and security software are not enough. Additionally, these browsers lack the proper functionality for crypto users to interact with existing dApps. As such, these problems have become the main focus of Carbon X Labs and their core product, the Carbon Browser.

What is Carbon?

Carbon is an open-source, decentralized web browser developed by Carbon X Labs with a main focus on user privacy and data security. Although the Carbon Browser is a fork of the Chromium browser framework utilized by Google Chrome and Brave, it has evolved significantly from its parent application.

With the Carbon browser, Carbon X Labs is building a browser optimized for the everyday internet user and Web3 enthusiast. With strong adblockers designed to save time and resources wasted on unwanted adverts, it also comes with several integrated Web3 utilities and incentivization programs powered by $CSIX – the project’s native token.

Although Carbon has yet to support iOS, MacOS devices, and PCs, the Carbon Browser application is currently available on Android mobile devices.Their mobile application offers an intuitive browsing experience, with an optional bottom toolbar for easy access and support for one-handed usage.  

For crypto natives, Carbon Browser also offers a more immersive Web3 experience with its multi-chain wallet and cross-chain bridge. Even if you’re not into crypto, you can use the Carbon Browser for a safer and more private way to surf the web. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the core features of Carbon Browser.

Key Features of Carbon Browser

3X Faster Web Browsing

Claiming to have a loading speed of just 0.5 seconds, Carbon Browser’s load speed is well over three times faster than similar browsers by combining an optimized browser engine with automatic blocking of intrusive ads and web trackers. Carbon utilizes an improved version of Chromium’s powerful Blink engine, which offers incredibly fast browsing speeds. The Carbon browser can maintain this loading speed to a decent extent even while running on a poor internet connection.

Besides that, the browser saves a significant amount of resources and load time by removing ads completely, as most adverts tend to be full of moving elements and scripts, which can sometimes take up more resources than the web page itself. Carbon Browser deliberately eliminates this load, saving up to 95% of the browser’s resources.

Furthermore, the Carbon browser does not include any unnecessary features, making it a lightweight application. Compared to other browsers, Carbon claims to consume 56.7% less storage space on user devices.

Decentralization and 100% privacy

In line with the crypto’s core tenets, Carbon is a completely decentralized open-source browser where details of the mobile app are publicly available, and any developer or community member can directly contribute to its codebase. Control over the Carbon Browser is further decentralized through its native CSIX token, which is both a utility and governance token. As the project’s governance token, holders of the CSIX token can help shape the project’s direction by voting on proposals through the Carbon DAO portal. Moreover, they can stake their CSIX tokens through Carbon’s staking interface to earn up to 15% APY in additional CSIX rewards.

Source: Carbon Staking

Additionally, the Carbon browser is also 100% private. Carbon employs multiple in-built applications to ensure that user data are completely inaccessible to third-party entities, such as their own Virtual Private Network (VPN), dVPN (decentralized VPN), and Firewall. Both Carbon Browser’s VPN and Firewall work to encrypt users’ activities on the browser, and protect their connections from foul players. Moreover, these tools can be used to access the deep web or dark web via third-party privacy networks like TOR. 

It’s important to note that these additional privacy features are directly integrated into the mobile browser and are free for all users. However, Carbon Browser also offers an upgraded version of the VPN, dVPN, and Firewall to Carbon Pro users, which is accessible via a subscription program using the CSIX token. 

Integrated multichain wallet with Cross-chain swaps

With more than just enhanced security and anonymous web browsing, the Carbon mobile app offers a fully integrated Web3 experience for crypto users on the go. Carbon’s mobile app comes with its own crypto wallet where users can store and transfer their crypto assets on multiple networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon. Carbon’s multichain wallet also supports NFTs, comes with an NFT gallery, as well as access to decentralized naming services like ENS.

The Carbon browser app features built-in support for various dApps from different categories such as DeFi, NFTs, and wallet naming services, enabling users to connect directly to dApps from their browsers with total privacy and zero ads. However, if you don’t feel like connecting to external apps, Carbon Browser supports native atomic swaps and cross-chain swaps in partnership with LDX.Fi. By integrating LDX’s cross-chain technology, users can quickly bridge or swap their tokens across multiple networks within the Carbon browser. In the near future, Carbon and LDX will integrate more swap providers, allowing users to obtain the best prices through LDX.

User Rewards and Incentives

Unlike your traditional web browsers, Carbon Browser actually pays you to browse the web. Users can earn points while they use the Carbon browser, which can be spent on items from Carbon’s partners such as Amazon, eBay, and charity organizations. The points can also be used to subscribe to Carbon Pro, a premium version of the existing Carbon browser that comes with improved features, extensions, and improved rewards.

Although Carbon has yet to specify the activities that earn users the most points, the team has hinted that the earning rate will vary between different regions. The distribution of points is slated to begin in Q4 2023 on a monthly basis.


While existing browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have allowed users to interact with different networks through wallet extensions, the experience is rather clunky and confusing to newcomers who are just getting into crypto. While there are certainly better extensions that offer a more seamless Web3 experience, a browser like Carbon is closer to what Web3 enthusiasts seek. Apart from the integrated wallet and comprehensive support for dApps, superior adblockers, and privacy-preserving software help to improve the overall security of the browser.

As the application continues to develop, we could see more Web3-friendly tools added in the future and increased decentralization and community involvement. If you’re interested in a safer and more personal browsing experience, you can download the Carbon Browser mobile app and give it a spin.

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