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Category: News, NFT News shows signs of phishing scam targeting valuable crypto and NFTS

A new website claiming to offer free non-fungible tokens (NFTs),, appears to point towards phishing links.

According to Web3 Antivirus, a browser extension that detects scams in web3, appears to be a phishing website that drains users of valuable crypto and NFTs.

Source: Web3 Antivirus’ Chrome extension

Phishing is a common type of attack where hackers use social engineering techniques or malicious software, also known as malware, to get sensitive user data. In this case, the team behind could get access to users’ wallets after the website connects with their personal digital accounts.’s official X account — with the handle “what_thefluff” has deleted all its posts on the social platform.

In addition,’s NFT collection on OpenSea, What the Fluff, is also missing

Moreover, as noted by, the website does not allow users to connect empty wallets. shows signs of phishing scam targeting valuable crypto and NFTS - 4

On Jan. 25, hardware wallet provider Trezor found that malicious actors had been impersonating the company and sending phishing emails to its users. 

Last week, cybersecurity company SlowMist found that 80% of the comments on X are related to phishing software. In that case, SlowMist explained that scammers have been using phishing links in comments under well-known projects and influencers on the microblogging platform.

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