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Hamas set to reject Gaza ceasefire deal proposed in Paris – report

If you’ll remember back to Friday, a report from Al Jazeera said Palestine had accepted the proposal. That was later changed to that Hamas had accepted the proposal warmly but hadn’t evaluated it.

In any case, the bottom fell out of oil on Friday on the reports.

You would think oil would get a lift at the open, especially with the US and UK hitting targets in Iran and Syria but knowing oil, it will probably fall anyway. Fading Sunday-opening gaps on geopolitical news has been a great strategy for the past six months, probably longer.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu says: We will not end the war before we complete all of its goals, which are the elimination of Hamas, the return of all the kidnapped people, and the promise that Gaza will not pose a threat to Israel.

That’s not exactly an appetizing proposal for Hamas so this could go on for awhile. Then again, everyone always talks tough until it’s really time to sit down and negotiate.

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