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Renowned computer scientist Jaron Lanier believes that artificial intelligence (AI) companies should determine how much an individual’s work contributed to their model and fairly compensate them.

AI companies have been in constant legal challenges from artists, writers, and other creative personalities who claim that the companies utilized their work to train the AI models.

Why AI Companies Should Compensate Individuals

The generative AI models are trained with a large data set to generate human-like output through text, images, audio, or video. For instance, BeInCrypto’s data was included in the dataset for training the instruction tool C4 (Colossal Clean Crawled Corpus).

AI companies then employ these instruction tools to scrape the internet for content and include it in their models.

Hence, Lanier claims that AI companies must figure out how to compensate the data providers. He told Bloomberg:

“In order to do it, we have to calculate and present the provenance of which human sources were the most important to a given AI output. We don’t currently do that. We can do it efficiently and effectively, it’s just that we’re not. It has to be a societal decision to shift to doing that.”

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Jaron Lanier Looks into Ai’s Future. Source: YouTube

As generative AI rose in popularity this year, there have been multiple lawsuits from artists claiming copyright infringement. In September, famous authors, including John Grisham, George R.R. Martin, David Baldacci, and Sylvia Day, sued OpenAI for copyright infringement.

Even the music giant Universal Music Group is battling against AI companies for the same purpose. In October, it sued the Anthropic AI firm for allegedly distributing copyrighted lyrics.

Indeed, fair compensation by the AI firms to the artists might help cool down the legal battles to some extent. Or it could be the next step towards resolving the copyright infringement debates?

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