Ethereum (ETH) Fees Surge to Ridiculous Levels, Again By U.TodayEthereum (ETH) Fees Surge to Ridiculous Levels, Again By U.Today
Crude all prices settle at .17Crude all prices settle at $77.17
These incredible market moves have presented savvy traders with a series of highly lucrative opportunities to maximize on the massive macro-driven rally as well as the huge price reversal that has subsequently followed.

Is the rally over and has all the money been made?

Not by a long shot!

Agriculture’s Silent Surge: Record Highs Amid Climate Challenges

While precious metal and energy prices flip into consolidation mode for now, one of the best kept secrets in the Commodities sector that nobody is paying attention is Agriculture.

The disruptive effects of Global Warming and Climate Change combined with unprecedented demand for safety, diversification and high returns on offer in this new economic landscape – have sent a long-list of Agricultural Commodities skyrocketing to multi-decade and all-time record highs.

Unlike other Commodities, the world cannot function or survive without Agriculture.

Irrespectively of whether the overall economy is booming or contracting, people still have to eat – making Agriculture an “all-season” asset class that has a proven track record of delivering attractive and resilient returns across virtually any economic cycle. These unique features have positioned Agriculture as one of the hottest and must-have asset classes in every portfolio.

So far this year, Cocoa prices have surged 400% and are currently trading at their highest level since 1979. Meanwhile, Sugar prices have racked up a phenomenal gain of over 450% from their 2020 lows.

The Orange Juice Surge: Breaking All-Time Records and Gaining Momentum

But there’s one Commodity that has continued to quietly break new all-time record highs, almost on a weekly basis – And that’s Orange Juice.

Orange Juice prices have been on an unstoppable run this year and are currently trading at their highest level since 1966. This month, Orange Juice registered a new all-time record high of $431.95 per pound – tallying up an impressive gain of nearly 700% from their low of $54.20 per pound.

The rally has led to a rise in speculators entering the market – leading to some of the Wall Street’s most powerful banks calling Orange Juice futures “the new GameStop”.

For most traders on Wall Street, the explosive GameStop rally of 2021 came out of nowhere. They watched in astonishment as a swarm of retail traders banded together to push the price of the video game vendor’s stock into the stratosphere – up more than 1,700% to be precise – all in a matter of days.

A stunning price move, which not only made history, but also made millionaires and billionaires out of regular people.

Two years later – And Orange Juice has firmly positioned itself as the new darling of the trading world!

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