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Max Keiser Takes Big Dig at Cardano Founder and Receives Payback

Contents Keiser’s critique of Hoskinson faces reminder of MaxCoin SOL […]


Bitcoin OG, financial journalist Max Keiser, continues his “war” against altcoins and their proponents. Once again, he has taken a dig at the founder of Cardano and a cofounder of the Ethereum blockchain, Charles Hoskinson.

This time, Hoskinson did not hold back and struck back at Keiser on X/Twitter too.

Keiser’s critique of Hoskinson faces reminder of MaxCoin

Max Keiser frequently posts both humorous and sometimes serious tweets when he criticizes altcoins and founders of blockchains other than Bitcoin. This time, he posted a tweet, accusing Charles Hoskinson of dealing with “s-coins.”

However, some Twitter users reminded Keiser that in 2014, altcoin MaxCoin (MAX) inspired by him was launched. A CoinDesk article cites a tweet in which Keiser makes his support for MaxCoin clear, stating that “Maxcoin went to school on BTC and its cryptography is actually stronger.”

Back in 2014, when Keiser lived in London, he, perhaps somewhat jokingly, remarked that should he be elected as mayor of London, he would place the entire economy of this famous city onto Bitcoin tracks. This idea was incarnated in 2020, but not in London – in El Salvador, which announced BTC as its national currency (all altcoins except USDT banned as securities). Keiser serves as the Bitcoin advisor of President Nayib Bukele, who has just been reelected for a new term.

In his recent tweets, Keiser has criticized XRP, ADA, ETH and other major altcoins as “s-coins” and securities (siding with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission here and its chairman, Gensler). He has been going especially hard on Solana and XRP, calling these two coins “centralized garbage.”

However, today, after Keiser posted his tweet slamming the Cardano creator, Charles Hoskinson tweeted in response. “Ratings must be low for Maxi,” he tweeted, suggesting that Keiser has reached “an oubliette.”

SOL faces outage, Keiser takes aim 

Earlier this week, Solana faced a major outage – the first one this year. The two previous ones took place in February 2023 and also twice in 2022. Keiser commented on the tweet published by @SolanaStatus, referring to SOL as “centralized garbage.”

His and Hoskinson’s evaluations coincided here, since the Cardano founder also trolled the Solana team about this outage.

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