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Monero Price Drop Forces Investors To Take Cover In NuggetRush And ZetaChain

Monero Price Drop Forces Investors To Take Cover In NuggetRush […]

Monero Price Drop Forces Investors To Take Cover In NuggetRush and ZetaChain

  • Investors are rushing to join the NuggetRush presale before its price increases to $0.020.
  • Monero price has plunged after Binance announced plans to delist it on February 20th.
  • ZetaChain network is growing, with over 700,000+ users on ZetaHub and 6 million zEVM transactions.

Monero price has dropped gains on the weekly and monthly price charts, forcing investors to seek shelter in other promising DeFi projects like NuggetRush and ZetaChain. This recent price drop comes after a recent announcement from the Binance exchange. Let’s find out what the announcement is and why investors are moving to NuggetRush and ZetaChain.

NuggetRush (NUGX), The Best Crypto To Buy in 2024

NuggetRush (NUGX) has captured the attention of savvy investors searching for the best ICO to join. This P2E gaming platform stands out by offering a variety of financial rewards and earning opportunities.

These features make it a hotspot for both investors and gamers. NuggetRush presents an engaging mining adventure game that puts players’ thinking, decision-making, and management abilities to the test.

The game draws players into an interactive environment where they can search for precious minerals and rewards them for their participation and engagement.

To boost their mining endeavors, players have various options at their disposal. They can hire more workers, improve their machinery, or collaborate with other miners.

Additionally, NuggetRush offers earning opportunities along with the gaming experience. It allows players to sell their in-game assets on the NuggetRush NFT marketplace to earn tokens. They can also stake them to earn a 20% APY.

However, participation in NuggetRush’s ecosystem is exclusive to members of its ongoing crypto ICO. The good news is that players can buy the NUGX tokens at an accessible $0.018 right now.

This is a good entry point for those looking to invest in this promising DeFi project. Interested investors are advised to act fast to secure their stake before the token price moves to $0.020.

ZetaChain (ZETA) Network Expands After Mainnet Launch 

ZetaChain (ZETA) was part of the tokens that saw massive gains lately. The platform’s native token, ZETA, surged by 150% following the launch of its mainnet beta on February 1st.

This significant uptick pushed ZetaChain’s market cap to about $400 million. In addition, the ZetaChain price hit a record peak of $1.95 on February 2nd, fueled by increased investors’ interest.

A key driver behind this price increase was the highly anticipated ZetaChain airdrop, which drew widespread attention from the crypto community.

Despite a subsequent dip below the $1.00 threshold, ZetaChain’s network is still on an upward trajectory. ZetaChain recently shared in a tweet that its ZetaHub network has attracted over 700,000+ users. Also, it has processed 6 million zEVM transactions and completed 125,000 native cross-chain transactions.

Monero (XMR) Price Drops After News From Binance

Monero (XMR) has been under significant selling pressure recently, losing 29.0% of its value on the weekly chart and 21.7% on the monthly chart.

The altcoin price has plummeted from a weekly high of $170.37 to a low of $102.05. This sharp decline was triggered by Binance’s announcement to delist all Morning trading pairs on February 20th.

Binance stated in a recent announcement that it would be removing the privacy-centric Monero along with three other tokens from its listings.

The other three tokens being delisted are Aragon, Multichain, and Vai. Currently, market sentiment towards Monero is bearish as selling pressure continues to rise. However, analysts remain bullish as they believe that privacy-based tokens like Monero are likely to see more adoption in the future.


With Monero’s price on a downturn, NuggetRush and ZetaChain have emerged as top crypto coins to consider in 2024. The NuggetRush ecosystem, in particular, is expanding, with over 170 million NUGX tokens sold during its crypto ICO.

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