OKX Ventures Invests in Top DeFi Platform DEXTools

Crypto exchange OKX’s investment arm OKX Ventures has announced a seed investment in DEXTools, the top DeFi analytics platform. The deal furthers OKX’s commitment to advancing blockchain innovation and sets the stage for integrating DEXTools analytics into the OKX Web3 platform. 

With 20 million monthly users, DEXTools surpasses platforms like X, Google, YouTube and Amazon in visit duration. A major player in DeFi since 2020, DEXTools equips users with market analysis to refine trading strategies. 

Following the investment, DEXTools plans new features like OKX DEX aggregation to its suite of tools, reaching more users and reinforcing its leadership in DeFi analytics. More technical collaboration between DEXTools and OKX Web3 will follow.

OKX Ventures Partner Jeff Ren said the deal combines the strengths of a top DeFi platform and the powerful OKX Web3 ecosystem. DEXTools Co-Founder Javier Palomino also commented, saying it will facilitate more transparent, efficient and accessible trading for users as both companies aim to grow the DeFi market.

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