Eurostoxx futures flat in early European tradingEurostoxx futures flat in early European trading
Eurostoxx futures flat in early European tradingSwitzerland October producer and import prices +0.2% vs -0.1% m/m prior

Silver Market Focus on CPI and PPI Data

Silver traders are currently focused on the imminent U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Index (PPI) releases. These key economic indicators, scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, are poised to influence the market significantly. Expectations of a slowdown in the headline CPI for October and a stable core inflation rate are setting the tone for potential market reactions.

Silver Prices in a Holding Pattern

Amidst this anticipation, Silver (XAG/USD) prices are trading within a narrow range. The market’s cautious approach, ahead of the critical inflation data, reflects uncertainty regarding the Federal Reserve’s potential interest rate decisions. Traders are hesitating to make significant moves until the data provides more clarity on the economic outlook.

Economic Context Influencing Silver Prices

The broader economic environment adds layers of complexity to the silver market’s direction. The U.S. credit outlook has been downgraded by Moody’s, and there’s a looming threat of a government shutdown. However, these factors have not significantly swayed silver traders, who seem more focused on the Federal Reserve’s next steps. The market is currently pricing in an 86% probability that the Fed will leave rates unchanged in December.

CFTC Report and Trading Positions

In the CFTC report dated November 7, 2023, for silver futures, non-commercial traders held 47,196 long contracts and 28,943 short contracts. Commercial traders, on the other hand, were positioned with 42,249 long and 72,971 short contracts. The total open interest in the market stood at 131,073 contracts. This mix of positions indicates a diverse range of strategies and sentiments among different trader categories, reflecting both bullish and bearish outlooks within the silver market.

Short-Term Forecast for Silver Market

In the short term, silver prices are likely to remain volatile, reacting to the upcoming CPI and PPI data. Any surprises in the inflation figures could lead to a reassessment of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate trajectory, potentially impacting silver negatively if the data suggests higher-than-expected inflation. Conversely, inflation rates aligning with or falling below expectations might ease pressure on the Fed, providing some support to silver prices.

Technical Analysis

Daily Silver (XAG/USD)
Silver (XAG/USD) is currently trading slightly above its minor support level of 22.23 and below both the 50-day and 200-day moving averages, which are at 22.64 and 23.25 respectively. This positioning indicates bearish sentiment as the asset is under the influence of a downward trend, confirmed by trading below the significant moving averages.

The proximity to the minor support suggests a potential pivot point; should it break, the next substantial support is at 20.66, which may lead to further declines.

Conversely, any move upwards would face resistance at 23.55, and a break above could signal a shift in momentum.

The current market sentiment leans towards the bearish side, with a close watch on the minor support level for any signs of a trend reversal or continuation.

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