Taryn T. Francis: Navigating full-Time Parenthood Alongside Some Exciting New Endeavors!

Taryn began dancing as a child, expanding into modeling, baton, cheerleading, martial arts, and vocal. Her talent and hard work made her way to win the 1993 season title of Junior Dance Grand Champion. She became an esteemed Dance & Cheer Adjudicator while also traveling the country as a Guest Choreographer & Master Teacher.

Taryn T. Francis With Ed McMahon
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Currently, with a focus on overall Wellness & Family, she has transitioned her efforts into a new chapter of Motherhood, healthy lifestyle goals, & expanding her entrepreneurial efforts into her new highly successful growing seasonal business, SLAY THE SNOW – All Natural Shaved Ice- offering healthier & delicious natural alternatives for everyone to enjoy!

Women Fitness Team catches up with Taryn T. Francis as she unfolds her journey as a dancer, wife, mother and an entrepreneur to serve as an inspiration as we enter the New Year.

Namita Nayyar:

You began dancing at the tender age of 2 along with gymnastics at the age of 4. What attracted you towards these sports?

Taryn T. Francis:

I was literally dancing and flipping around the house! When I happened to see dancing on television, I was mesmerized and copied everything I saw. My mom was also an aerobics instructor teaching adult classes at a local gym where she would bring me to work with her. I loyally observed the classes and was in awe from all the movement, high energy, and music! They eventually allowed me to join in & in special snippets, even lead class – I was only around 3 years old at the time. I began doing community events with the featured instructors as the gym’s “mini mascot” & loved every second. My parents just knew it was time to nurture all these interests by introducing me into classes.

Taryn T. Francis: Navigating full-Time Parenthood Alongside Some Exciting New Endeavors!
Taryn & family ❤
Photo Credit: Whitney Coudray

Namita Nayyar:

How did you end up in the adult-aged dance classes at the age of 7? Please share the series of events that led to the same. What was your daily routine like, food, exercise etc.

Taryn T. Francis:

My early dance classes began at my own age level, but based on my abilities, my teachers quickly advanced me into the older age groups. I found myself training with adults rather quickly & became my norm. That being said, this was not the norm for the time, and usually painted a target on my back where I was more heavily scrutinized by others.

For example, when training abroad in Los Angeles, kids were not allowed in adult classes at the top studios back then – my teachers would literally sneak me in under the radar. Though I was quickly noticed, my general nature, work ethic, and talents garnered the respect from others accepting me in to train from a multitude of teachers whenever I was in town. Since I can remember, I always had a “not so ordinary” childhood… while not always easy to navigate along the way, I accepted that early on and it just became who I was – unique in my own way.

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