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Crypto bull runs have always occurred around the Bitcoin halving, and the next halving event will take place in April 2024. Time is running out for crypto investors to allocate before the fireworks begin, and they lose the opportunity to enjoy the upside that makes digital assets famous.

Investors asking themselves what crypto to buy today should strongly consider Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). An excellent rotational play already aggressively targeted by Shiba Inu ($SHIB) whales. The viral marketing alongside passive income makes it an ideal crypto for beginners. Could this new memecoin sensation surpass Shiba Inu and make its investors millionaires?

Galaxy Fox (GFOX) Up-and-Coming Memecoin Contender

Galaxy Fox has drawn attention from across the crypto ecosystem, with memecoin professionals citing it as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy, given the staggered price increases throughout the presale.

Investors in the initial presale phase will enjoy a 450% gain by launch, thanks to the unique pricing mechanism of the presale. But the real excitement comes post-launch. Galaxy Fox boasts a rich, vibrant ecosystem, including a P2E runner game where players turn their skills into tokens.

Employing a deflationary tokenomics model with the protocol periodically burning $GFOX tokens, increasing their scarcity on the open market and, therefore, driving up their value. The Stargate module is the staking hub where every $GFOX holder can earn rewards as the ecosystem grows- funded by a 2% tax on all ecosystem transactions.

This incredible passive income source means that stakers earn proportionally to the level of ecosystem growth. This is what makes Galaxy Fox such an attractive altcoin and could lead it to become the top crypto to buy in 2023.

Galaxy Fox will launch a merchandise line with sales directed to the Treasury to fund marketing and ecosystem expansion efforts. This focus on marketing has become a critical factor setting $GFOX apart from other memecoin contenders. Participating in the presale lets investors join at the earliest developmental stage, making it the perfect answer for investors asking what crypto to buy today. 


Shiba Inu ($SHIB) On-Chain Rotation into $GFOX

Shiba Inu was undoubtedly one of the top 10 crypto coins to invest in during the last cycle. Trading volume for $SHIB has drastically increased over the previous two months, which is to be expected as the market becomes increasingly risk-on.

Mememcoins always flourish in risk-on environments, and Shiba Inu has benefitted from an increasing percentage of this activity taking place on its native layer two Shibarium. The launch of the Shib Name Service (SNS) even allows Shiba Inu holders to create an identity on-chain in much the same way as ENS can be leveraged.

Shiba Inu had excellent marketing angles last cycle, and its catchy mascot helped power this token on one of the most outrageous runs ever made by any digital asset. History may not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes, and on-chain sell orders for $SHIB are being used to buy up $GFOX.

Closing Thoughts: Getting in Early

Will $GFOX be the next token to print a new class of millionaires? Probabilistically speaking, the odds of $GFOX owners becoming millionaires are far higher than those of investors purchasing cryptos in the top ten by market cap. Why? Because larger market caps mandate more capital for price appreciation.

Getting in early is where whales are born. Crypto OGs participated in the Ethereum (ETH) ICO and made a fortune. This could be the last bull run, and becoming an early adopter of Galaxy Fox is the perfect method to capitalize on the coming two years of up-only price action. What crypto to buy today? The answer is obvious: $GFOX.  

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