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The emerging GambleFi trend has led industry pundits to hunt for the next new project to explode. While there are several strong prospects, the one with the most traction is TG Casino, a revolutionary platform incorporating Telegram for a seamless user experience.

TG Casino is currently available in its presale, priced at $0.15, and has raised $1.7 million in just over one month. The project is quickly approaching its presale goal of $2.5 million, so potential buyers must hurry.

Analyst Take a Bet on $850 Million Crypto Gambling Industry Through TG Casino Presale

Crypto casino has emerged as one of the crypto industry’s most promising trends in recent months as it solves several prevalent crypto gambling issues. 

According to the TG Casino website, the global casino market is worth $263 billion – almost 20% of the total crypto market cap. However, the casino industry is plagued with inefficiencies that crypto fixes.

Crypto casinos enable instant and low-cost deposits and withdrawals, extra anonymity and privacy, more robust security, further global accessibility, and more. 

Yet, the total crypto casino market cap is just $850 million – around 0.3% of the overall casino market’s valuation.

However, the crypto casino industry is quickly closing the gap on the global casino market. Many crypto casino projects have surged recently, with market leader Rollbit holding a $750 million market cap, having pumped 58% in the last month.

YouTuber Crypto Costa analyzed the crypto casino market three weeks ago, pointing out it was undervalued with a $450 million market cap. In hindsight, the analyst was correct with its current market cap at $850 million.

After highlighting the crypto casino industry’s immense potential, the YouTuber explained the value that TG Casino provides and why it could be primed to make the most significant gains.

According to Costa, TG Casino’s benefits, like being KYC-free, its staking mechanism, and token utilities, all position it to explode.

Many other analysts share Crypto Costa’s optimism. For instance, No Bs Crypto recently announced he was buying 8,000 $TGC tokens, predicting the price to increase after its ICO thanks to its one-of-a-kind use case.

The analyst highlighted its accessibility and convenience benefits and that it is licensed, providing an added layer of security for users.

Meanwhile, Oscar Ramos recently bought $1K worth of TG Casino tokens, speculating that the project will soar given the popularity of gambling and the benefits that TG Casino provides.

Wolf’s Crypto Den also backs TG Casino to pump, exclaiming it could “reach the number one spot” in regards to crypto casino projects by market cap. 

While it remains to be seen if the analyst’s prediction will prevail, its cutting-edge use case undoubtedly makes it possible. If correct, this would generate tremendous upside for presale investors, and 100x gains must not be ruled out.

TG Casino Explained

TG Casino is a crypto casino launched exclusively on the Telegram application. Users can get started by connecting their Ethereum-compatible wallet to the platform – with no account or ID verification required.

This streamlines the process of crypto gambling and is furthered by the seamless user experience of launching on Telegram. With TG Casino, placing a bet can take seconds instead of minutes.

There are hundreds of games and sportsbook events to wager on, and holding the $TGC token opens the door to many extra utilities. 

For instance, holders get rewards, access to exclusive games and rooms, 298% staking APY, and 25% cashback on all losses. Considering the real-world advantages of the casino, these utilities will likely put $TGC in high demand. 

Furthermore, the project features a buyback mechanism that will repurchase $TGC tokens with a portion of the casino’s profits. It will allocate 60% of these tokens to staking rewards and burn 40%, significantly bolstering the token’s supply and demand dynamics.

With the project now undergoing its presale, market participants can buy $TGC from the project’s official website tg.casino. As it is an ERC-20 token, the presale accepts USDT and ETH payments, but users can also pay with BNB on the Binance Smart Chain network for lower fees.

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