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YouTube is expanding its experimentation with artificial intelligence (AI) and acknowledges that the tools may not be flawless but value consumer feedback.

“These features are experimental and we may not always get it right. That’s why we’re starting small with limited availability and collecting feedback,” the statement noted.

According to a recent statement, Youtube intends to slowly run out the AI experimental tools, to certain users over the coming months:

“Because these experiments are very small, you might not see them just yet! If you are a Premium member, you may be eligible to test these experiments.”

The AI tool will break down comment sections of long-form videos into “easily digestible themes.” This will offer users who previously had limited sorting options on YouTube comments greater control over the content displayed in the comments section.

They will have the option to selectively remove specific themes:

“If creators want to remove any comment topics, they can delete individual comments that show up under the specific topic.”

Content creators worldwide may benefit from this development. The new tool scans for blocked words and users. This spares creators the laborious task of managing unwanted comments to maintain a positive audience experience.

Additionally, it states that users will have the capability to inquire about the videos they’re viewing. This will help improve recommendation accuracy through AI.

Meanwhile, academic videos will undergo a transformation. Students utilizing videos for learning can reportedly employ the AI tool to facilitate questioning and responses, fostering “deeper understanding.”

This comes amid OpenAI making an announcement of tasks it has in development at a recent conference.

BeInCrypto reported on November 7th that OpenAI introduced GPT-4 Turbo, boasting a context window four times larger than its predecessor, ChatGPT.

OpenAI also unveiled the ability for users to craft their own chatbots effortlessly, without the need for coding skills.

This allows users to have personalized AI interactions tailored for everyday life or professional tasks.


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