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We have long experience in several fields. So, we don’t rely on just one way to make money. There are direct methods through our services and products. And indirect methods related to third party advertisements, and this is shown as follows.

[box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]We have the experience, knowledge and tools to achieve and earn money. Therefore, no one affects the quality of the content, services and products and anything we offer you. Because, simply, we are continuing as a result of our business and not as a result of money.[/box]


In general, we provide content in various formats based on the experience of the editorial team and the writers who join us. Whoever provides useful and professional content will be the focus of attention of advertisers, in order to place their ads on their websites. Therefore, some / all advertisements appearing on the website are paid and / or directly related to our services and products.


Opinion and analysis

We also provide opinions and analysis based on our experience for what we follow in matters related to services, products, markets and so on. This interests the business owners who provided the analysis and opinion on their business. This may prompt them to request that we place their own advertisement with us, so that they can gain momentum from our website visitors.

But at the same time, we totally refuse to receive the money, to change or amend the opinion and analysis that has been done through us.

If this analysis is negative from the point of view of the employer. From our point of view, it is a real analysis and opinion that indicates something that we have touched by ourselves and we wish others to avoid it (you).



We also provide reviews of products and services that are directly related to our areas of work and expertise. Such reviews are primarily a form of content that we provide to you. So, it is not a prerequisite, that the audit bring profits to us. But it is an additional service so that you know more deeply about the products and services you may be interested in and seek to acquire and use them.

Such reviews are the focus of attention of owners of products and services, as soon as they know that there is a review for them on a website. They forcefully strive to place an ad for them within this review and this is to obtain new clients for them.

You can learn about our goal in the review process on the Business Network website so that it becomes more clear to you.

We may accept such advertisements within these reviews. But we do not permanently allow advertising funds to affect the content of the review. If there is a service that helps you to manage your money and this service procrastains the return of your profits to your bank account again, we will inform you about this even if the money has been paid to us to place an ad for them.

There is a secret method in the market place regarding the issue of dealing with real content that clarifies bad things, and we will tell you this secret. We will tell you this secret for two reasons:

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  • The first is that we share our experience with you and this is the heart of the business and thought that Business Network website are run on.
  • The second is to know that no one can pressure us. Because we simply know the mysteries of the market.


The secret method is:

If there is real and honest content that explains the pros and cons of something. The owners of this thing provide an advertisement package to the website owners that contain such content. This package is so tempting that website owners make a comparison between the value of this ad package and the advertising offers they get throughout the entire year.

Once the website owners accept the existence of the advertisement, this means accepting the money. The owners of these things begin to woo the website owners indirectly and tell them:

Does it make sense to place an ad with content that talks badly about its accompanying ad? This will reduce your credibility, because how do you tell the visitor that this is a bad thing. At the same time, there is an advertisement for it. is not it?

Here the owners of this content are between two options:

The first option is refund. This is difficult because most of the money is actually spent.

The second option is to modify the content so that the content does not list the bad things and / or motivate the visitor to click on the advertisement and this is to obtain new advertisement packages.

So, how do we deal with such methods?

We have been clinging to clarity from the beginning. If we provide content that explains the disadvantages of something, and those in charge of this thing find our review of it and communicate with us to develop an ad for that thing. We tell them from the start that we will not change our opinion that was presented by the review once they have improved their situation. And if their matter is bad enough to cause suspicion, we do not deal with them permanently.

After transferring money to our account, we will not change anything in the content. If they insist on making a change, even a slight one. We will tell them what we have explained since the beginning of the deal and tell them that we will not respond to the means of communication between us after that. Because the agreement was clear from the start, and there was no manipulation.

Also, we do not and will not allow the placing of an ad with content that reflects the opposite of the opinion expressed in the review. This prevents manipulation.


If we provide a review of a banking service and this service has additional unclear expenses for customers and the bank wishes to place an ad with us. This ad explains that there are no additional expenses. We will reject this ad. Because it does not reflect the truth of the matter and manipulates customer decisions.


(Allowed) What are the reviews that clarify the negatives and are allowed to place ads?

To be honest, there are products and services that face temporary problems, but they affect the nature of work. These problems are: unprofessional customer service, slow delivery service, an ambiguous point-calculation system, and so on.

Such things we explain to you through our review, impartially and without equivocation. Therefore, we are completely satisfied with our visitors. Because we made it clear to you completely without turning around or hiding important information that may affect your view of the matter. So, we feel that you are safe through the information we provided to you and we have not affected your decision and this makes us accept to place an ad with these reviews, but why?

The reason is that there are business owners who are really keen to develop their business and change their negative points and after a while things get better.

These products and services, we will review again after a while. And we put what changed in it. There are those who are improving and there are those who are heading for the worst. We explain all this with our updates and tell you everything. If things get worse, we will let you know about this even if there is an ad accompanying the review. And if the situation changes for the better, we will also tell you.

As we talk about negatives, we must clarify the positives and show them.

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(Not allowed) What are the reviews that clarify the negatives and are not allowed to place ads?

Completely misleading products and services. As there are services that are built primarily to withdraw your money, your data and other things that we may not know. Such things we tell her own story, and we do not allow advertisements for it.

On the other side, we say to you, rest assured. The owners of these things, do not use ads. And do not pay money. Because the matter is simply, their purpose is to withdraw money and data and they have illegal ways to achieve their goals. So, why do they give money, while they seek money. is not it?!



Another type of content that we provide is lists. These lists are very useful for everyone. There are two types of listings we provide for you. This is regardless of the multiplicity of the names of these lists, even if their purpose is the same.

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  • The first type: Trust lists.
  • The second type: Scam lists.


We have a crossroads between these two lists. We’ll explain it to you, so as not to cause confusion.

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  • If a company was put on the Trust list and after a while it became manipulative. They will be listed in the Scam Lists and permanently removed from the Trust List.
  • If this company reconciles its conditions. It will be included again in the Trust list and permanently removed from the Scam list.


However, the history of this company will be mentioned in its own review. That is, we will include in the review its previous history. As it was considered a scam company as a result of its actions. Now it is considered a trusted company for us because it has succeeded in its conditions.

Notice: We do the review first, then we list the company, product, service, etc. in our listings. Because, quite simply, how would we give scores if we did not do a review for them?!

Your questions

If you have a question or concern regarding a part or everything mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us via this form.

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