BIPNs is equipped with security measures that continuously protect your information. Your visit and use of the BIPNs website bear responsibility for maintaining your information and data.

Types of information and data collected by the BIPNs website

There are three types of information that BIPNs collect. We may collect all three and / or some of this information. This is according to the type related to the information, and this will be explained in the next section.

The first type: direct information.

This information is made at your own discretion and at your full choice, through direct communication between us (you and the Business BIPNs website) or indirect communication via communication software. So, this information cannot be shared with anyone.

We do not have the intention now or in the future to sell visitor and customer data that is in our database. This matter will not be undone, and we did not do it previously.

We are also working at full capacity. So that we do not fall under pressure to share and / or sell your data because we simply have many ways to make money and many of these means that make our money machine does not stop.

Therefore, the issue of earning from customer and visitor data is a matter of our reputation and the long-term relationship between us (you and the BIPNs website).

The second type: cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer while browsing the BIPNs website. These small text files are used to identify your computer.

Cookies are generally used to improve the user experience (you) and to improve the content, products, and services provided by the information provider (we).

Cookies, do not save the user ID (you). It only saves your performance on the website.

Cookies know:

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  • That someone (you, for example) from a country (for example, Germany) visited a site (for example, BIPNs) and visited the contact us page (for example). All of this is defined by cookies, but cookies do not know the content of the message and do not know whether it was answered or not.
  • That someone visited a site through another site or directly. Then she / he visited page number 1 and sat there for such a period of time. Then through page number 1 he visited page number 2 and then through it she / he left the site.


The third type: third party information

This type of information is the direct or indirect result of our interaction with third parties. As these entities provide us with some and / or all information that may improve the performance of our work and this in order to improve our services and products for you.

Also, such information may be assisted directly or indirectly to improve the performance of our partners. This helps them achieve better results as a result of better and more effective display of their products and services on the BIPNs platform.

These entities may be a person, persons, a company, an institution, a website, a newspaper, a media outlet, a regulatory agency, a government agency, etc. from all shapes and images from the agencies that deal with us or deal with them. Where our sole purpose is to develop the content provided to you and to improve your performance experience with us and / or with other parties.


Why is information and data collected?

In general, we use data to prepare better products and services for you and a better performance experience. We also use data for fair, legal and legitimate purposes, which include the following:

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  • Improving website performance in general.
  • Improving the security level of the website.
  • Improve the performance of website services and products.
  • Improving the performance of website content in all its forms.
  • Provide updates and other information about our website and / or the user may request it.
  • Perform an information analysis to develop and improve the user experience.
  • Responding to questions, comment, inquiry and user feedback regarding content, products and services provided to the user.
  • Respond to and / or send emails to the user as a result of participation, discussion, registration, and dialogue. Which was done by the visitor and / or was done by us and / or was done by a third party.
  • Helping to respond, discuss, and raise issues related to policies and activities that are directly related to us and / or are linked to an external party.
  • Maintaining archive records of user participation for the purposes of analysis, research and development, while observing the laws related to data preservation.
  • Dealing and executing user requests, to obtain a product, service, and content, request to obtain it.
  • Dealing with collections, payments and the completion of the transaction / financial transactions between the user and us in relation to the content, products and services that we provide directly or we are the mediator between the user and a third party and the user requested to obtain it via the method of purchase.
  • Publish the user information that is allowed to be published on our website by commenting and responding to the content, product and service that we provide on the site.
  • Help and support the user in moving and traveling for events, seminars, meetings and other forms of gathering regarding the events that we hold and / or we are authorized by a third party to hold them and / or have been referred to whether we are associated with them or not.
  • Share key user information in terms of name, business, organization, affiliate, and contact points. And / or other information that the user chooses to provide, voluntarily and / or at her / his request to us for those in charge of the events and their participants. This is in the event that we were the ones holding the events and / or we were partners with a third party to hold the events and / or we were the entity that will hold the activities based on the authorization of a third party.
  • Providing, registering, and providing special services that the user requires and needs and / or must be provided to, and this is based on a food restriction and / or a special disability and / or mental state and / or psychological state related to the user for use and residence and absorption and Comforts.



Share information and data

We have a professional team that can deal and process site-specific data directly through them and through the tools needed to do this. But sometimes there are tools, programs and services that we cannot create like them, as a result of preserving property rights or using them without buying or subscribing to them. So, we use suppliers to implement part of our business with their tools.

But before we deal with these providers of services and products that we need to complete our business, we read and know what are the conditions for using their services and products. If we find that one of the conditions of their services is that they can share their customers’ data with an external party. We do not deal with them immediately.

If we find that it is among the conditions for the use of their services that they do not share and / or use third-party software. And that, their work is carried out directly through their tools owned by them and work is done through their own work team, and the work team works within the legal and administrative form for them. Here we deal with them to perform the services that we want to achieve, and that is until our work is done.

Who are these service and product providers that we use to complete part of our business?

These providers are listed with the following lines. Some are under their brand names, others are the names of services and products provided through them. Also, we can use them in whole and / or partial and for one period and / or for permanent and / or intermittent periods.

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  • Data analysis software.
  • IT security tools.
  • Email Transfer Tools.
  • Cloud service providers.
  • Hosting Providers.
  • Customer relationship management software (CRM).
  • Data Base Management Software.
  • Tools for obtaining an email address.
  • Multiple data acquisition tools.
  • Providers of travel services, travel and hotel accommodation.
  • Provides material and moral asset management solutions.
  • Financial advisory services providers.
  • Legal advisory services providers.
  • Advertising services providers.
  • Google Analytics tools.
  • Adobe Analytics tools.
  • Social plugins (social media).



Providing information and data to government and regulatory agencies

You should know that we do not immediately provide any information requested about the users of our website, our content, our products and services, to governmental and regulatory authorities. Whereas, we must verify and ascertain on our part and through our legal team the validity and reliability of the government request that requests access and obtain your data and information.

We also strive with sincerity and in good faith to comply with every government decision. But at the same time, it is our duty to preserve the data and information of the website’s users and customers, and verify every government claim. We make sure that there is a legal obligation to disclose information about users of the website.

You should know that if we share your data and information with government agencies, you will be aware and know about the matter through us directly, and you will be aware of the status of providing information as required. You must also take into account that in most cases you will know through the government agency about the matter before us, and this is normal as a result of that they are the original party to the issue raised between you and the government agency. Or between you and another party who has complained to the court or is represented by the court. Disclosure and clarification cases are:

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  • Clarify information about the position of sharing your full data.
    A brief explanation of the situation that prompted us to share your data.
  • To clarify the authorized part for us with only information from the government agency.
  • Failure to clarify the situation at all, based on a judicial order to keep the matter undisclosed.
  • Failure to clarify in whole or in part about the situation, and this is based on a clear belief in us or in good faith that we do not have to disclose the matter.


Your data and information are accessed, preserved, presented and shared with governmental, executive, legislative, regulatory and regulatory authorities in the following cases:

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  • In response to a request from a judicial authority that took the form of a search warrant, court order, health and execution order, or subpoena. This is if we have a clear or good faith belief that we must adhere to and must comply with the judicial authority’s request.
  • In response to a request submitted by a judicial department from the judicial departments that are located all over the world and this department has provided the basis and legal request that proves that you follow this judicial department and its provisions apply to you and that the provisions of this judicial department are in accordance with recognized international standards. We will adhere to a clear or good faith belief to this judicial body.
  • If we have a clear belief or good faith that it is incumbent upon us and it is necessary for us to detect, prevent, stop, and nullify fraud / robbery, theft, violation, unauthorized use, malicious activity, and illegal action. This is a protection for you, others and ourselves.
  • If we have a clear belief or good faith that we are helping to confirm or disclose the credibility of your information and data, and this is to prevent fraud, misuse and other harmful activities of our content, products, services or others.



Changes to the Privacy Policy

If any change occurs to the privacy policy, we will inform you of the change that has occurred and give you time and opportunity to see the changes so that you have complete freedom to choose how to continue to use the content, products and services that we provide to you.

Your questions

If you have a question or concern regarding a part or everything mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us via this form.

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