Here, we will refer to companies, individuals, products and services that we review as something / thing / things.

What are the foundations for reviewing things on the Business Network website?

We rely on three foundations for our review of things, as follows:

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  • Availability of information.
  • Information transparency.
  • Quality of information.


These foundations lead to:

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Clear knowledge leads to the appropriate decision.



What is the purpose of reviewing things on the Business Network website?

The purpose of our review can be listed on the Business Network website via the following points:

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  • Helping to make a purchasing decision.
  • Helping to avoid risks.
  • Helping to know basic information about things.
  • Helping to to know the in-depth information. It needs experts to clarify it.
  • Clarify the advantages of non-obvious to the user’s actual things. Which improves the use of the object.
  • Explain additional features that we know as a result of our direct use of the things for you.
  • Use our strength to know harmful crypts and share them with you.
    Reducing the communication gap between the customer and business owners.



Why are things reviewed on the Business Network website?

Our main goal is to give you a clear view of the things that matter to you and that you initially think about. You have entered the final stage of buying, acquiring and subscribing to your interest. You have many questions and would like to know more about what you will be paid for.

Here comes the role of the editorial team on the website. As this team has multiple experiences in different fields, and invests these experiences in making reviews of things that are at the heart of their direct work and of course these things arouse your interest and your desire to acquire.

Reviews are one of the ways in which we make profits and this is made clear by showing how we earn money on Business Network website. So that everything is clear to you and you know how it goes.

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We are building a long-term relationship with you. Therefore, transparency is the focus of our relationship.


Your questions

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