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Attention: Silver price here is shown in US dollars. Please be aware that there are other expenses added to the gram prices. These expenses are called gold jewelry markup and accordingly, these prices are not fixed and change from country to country. Also, may or may not there are other expenses that we don’t know of it. So, please ask about all expenses before you buy gold.

Disclaimer: The information here was pulled from several sources, and these sources are well-informed and involved in gold prices worldwide. Accordingly, please note that the prices shown in the table were withdrawn at the time of writing.

However, you may find these prices are significantly or slightly different from prices at another time, and this time will of course be different from the time of writing the article. So please be careful when you use the data here. And you should note the time and date of this article and compare it with the time and date of the same day you are reading the article.

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