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19 04, 2024

XRP Price Prediction As XRP Hits $0.5 Amid Ripple Vs. SEC Intense Legal Battle

By |2024-04-19T20:47:21+02:00April 19, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments

XRP price has seen modest fluctuations over the past 24 hours. The altcoin has just surpassed the $0.5 mark, with a slight uptrend. This represents a slight gain of 0.47% from the previous day. Currently, the XRP price is $0.5015. The market witnessed a sharp decline in value during the early hours. However, the market demonstrated resilience, leading to a recovery.

XRP Price Analysis: Tracking Recent Fluctuations and Market Recovery

The current market capitalization has risen by 0.57%, reaching approximately $27.78 billion, maintaining its position as the seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Trading volume for XRP has surged 22.72% over the last day, totaling over $2 billion. This substantial increase in trading volume may suggest heightened investor interest.

XRP Price

XRP has experienced a 16% decline over the past month, reflecting the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. In the past week, its price fluctuated between $0.59 and $0.43. This 15% drop suggests a wavering confidence among investors.

The Bitcoin halving event taking place today has led to a surge in many cryptocurrencies, with most recovering and others, like XRP, trading sideways. Historically, this scarcity has led to increased prices across the cryptocurrency market due to the perceived value and decreased supply rate.

Ripple’s Legal Battles and Market Implications

The ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may soon culminate in a settlement. Speculation arises as both parties engage in what appears to be intense negotiations. Despite past victories for Ripple, the SEC still charges them with unlawful securities practices related to their XRP transactions. 

The SEC is demanding close to $2 billion in penalties, leaving Ripple with tough decisions. They might have to execute massive XRP sales, risking a market crash, or consider selling the company entirely. Ripple’s forthcoming response by April 22, followed by the SEC’s counter on May 6, will crucially influence the court’s final verdict. 

Meanwhile, XRP’s value struggles, falling beneath crucial support levels amid market instability. These pullbacks are fueled by both the ongoing legal uncertainty and Ripple’s intermittent releases of XRP from escrow.

Despite legal challenges and a significant lawsuit, XRP’s price remains stable, consistently staying above the key level of $0.5. If this positive trend persists, the cryptocurrency might soon hit the $0.55 mark. With increased bullish activity, XRP can break the $0.9 mark and reach $1. 

Conversely, if the market moves sideways and pressure increases, a decline below $0.48 could push XRP down to a support level at $0.45 and even further to $0.4.

XRP Price| Source: Tradingview

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) sits just below the 35 mark, which typically suggests that the asset may be approaching oversold conditions. Additionally, the Average Directional Index (ADX) stands at 23.03, pointing to a weak trend.  

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is showing a bearish crossover, with the signal line crossing over the MACD line, possibly indicating further downward momentum in the short term.

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19 04, 2024

Is DOGE Gearing Up for a 350% Surge?

By |2024-04-19T18:46:14+02:00April 19, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments


  • Dogecoin (DOGE) has rebounded slightly by 4% after a significant 23% drop last week.
  • One analyst suggested the correction could have been “healthy” and potentially lead to a substantial price increase.

Was DOGE’s Latest Correction ‘Healthy?’

The biggest meme coin in terms of total market capitalization – Dogecoin (DOGE) – was severely affected by the recent market decline, with its price nosediving by over 23% in a week. However, the situation does not look so adverse today (April 19) since the asset reclaimed some lost ground, being up approximately 4% on a daily scale.

One popular analyst who touched upon DOGE’s turbulence is JAVON MARKS. The X user described the correction as a “healthy pullback,” reminding the asset’s impressive performance since the start of the year. 

JAVON MARKS went further, predicting that such a price retreat may fuel a 315% “uphill” toward the $0.65 target.

Other analysts who recently forecasted a bright future for DOGE include the X users Mikybull Crypto and Trader Tardigrade. The former claimed that the “real bull run is about to start,” whereas the latter argued that Dogecoin runs the “Cycle of 7 years,” meaning a price explosion toward the ridiculous $40 is not out of the cards.

Waiting for These Factors

DOGE might indeed be on the verge of a substantial rally, considering the fact that the Bitcoin halving is just hours away. The event, following which miners will receive twice less BTC for validating blocks on the blockchain, reduces the amount of new coins entering the market, potentially making the asset more valuable in time (should demand rise or remain the same).

Historically, each halving (which occurs roughly every four years) has been a precursor of a massive resurgence of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency sector, meaning Dogecoin could be among the gainers.

Another event that may positively impact the valuation of the meme coin is the so-called DOGE Day on April 20. The crypto community jokingly picked that date to celebrate Dogecoin, but the reasons remain unclear. Some theories lead to Elon Musk, whose favorite day is April 20. Those who have been following the crypto industry for long enough are aware that Tesla’s CEO is among the most vocal proponents of the meme coin.

In the past two years, DOGE’s price witnessed some spikes on that day.

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19 04, 2024

Cardano (ADA) Price To Soar 75%, Analyst Predicts Citing Technical Chart

By |2024-04-19T16:45:18+02:00April 19, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments

Investors are closely monitoring the Cardano (ADA) price as it navigates recent turbulence in the crypto market. Today, as broader crypto assets show signs of recovery, the Cardano price has also surged following the trend and reflecting growing investor confidence. 

Notably, amid this, prominent crypto analyst Ali Martinez has provided an optimistic forecast for ADA, citing technical charts and historical trends, sparking excitement and speculation among traders.

Analyst Provides Bullish Forecast For Cardano Price

The Cardano price has gone through a tumultuous trading lately, amid a selloff in the broader cryptocurrency market. The recent crypto market crash has wiped off much of the gains of almost all the major cryptos that were noted through the start of the year. However, the broader crypto market, along with the ADA, has noted a recovery today, reflecting the growing confidence of the traders.

Meanwhile, amid this, Ali Martinez, a respected crypto analyst, has offered a bullish projection for Cardano’s price based on technical analysis. Martinez highlighted Cardano’s MVRV Ratio, noting that the last time it dipped below -22%, ADA’s price surged by over 75%. With the MVRV Ratio currently under -22%, Martinez suggests the potential for another significant rebound in ADA’s price, fueling optimism among investors.

Source: Ali Martinez, X

Notably, Martinez’s analysis has captured the attention of the crypto community, contributing to a sense of positivity surrounding Cardano’s prospects. As investors digest this outlook, anticipation builds for potential upward momentum in ADA’s price trajectory.

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Price Changes & Market Dynamics

Amid Cardano’s recent price movements, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 32, signaling an oversold condition for the cryptocurrency. This oversold status has prompted analysts to view the current scenario as a potential “buy the dip” opportunity for investors. 

Notably, the combination of an optimistic forecast from Martinez and the oversold RSI position suggests a favorable setup for ADA’s price to climb to new heights. As investors weigh these factors, attention shifts toward Cardano’s resilience and potential for recovery amidst market fluctuations. With the broader crypto market showing signs of stability, ADA stands poised to capitalize on renewed investor interest and potentially embark on a significant upward trajectory.

Meanwhile, as of writing, the Cardano price was up 4.17% and exchanged hands at $0.4623 in the market, while its trading volume over the last 24 hours rose 3.90% to $544.31 million. Over the last 24 hours, the ADA has touched a high of $0.4634.

Source: TradingView

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19 04, 2024

XRP News Today: Ripple CEO’s Crypto Optimism Amid SEC Case

By |2024-04-19T10:42:07+02:00April 19, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments

Considering BTC price trends, Garlinghouse viewed the outlook positively, saying,

“If you step back over the last six months, BTC is up about 250%. I think you’ll continue to see tailwinds, partly because of the ETFs that have been approved […] and also the upcoming halving, which is imminent.”

Garlinghouse also talked about his $5,000 billion crypto market prediction for 2024, highlighting supply-demand dynamics. Garlinghouse considered the BTC-spot ETF market fueling the demand side.

On crypto regulation and the likely effects on the crypto market, Garlinghouse believes US legislation would have a positive influence, saying,

“One of the headwinds that has held back the market, the largest economy in the world, the United States, has been one of the most problematic for the crypto market. Innovation, entrepreneurs, and capital have flown into markets that have actually constructively engaged this market. […] This administration has taken an anti-crypto stance led by the SEC.”

Garlinghouse singled out Senator Elizabeth Warren and her use of misinformation to target the crypto market.

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19 04, 2024

Ethereum Price Prediction: 2024, 2025, 2030

By |2024-04-19T04:39:43+02:00April 19, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments

ETH price prediction: Key highlights


1. Primary support and resistance levels

  • According to the analysis on the weekly chart, the lowest support for ETH was established at $1,615.
  • On the flip side, the highest resistance level can likely stand around $4,600.

2. Market sentiment

  • The market state has been observed to be bullish in April 2024.

3. Predictive forecasts

  • Our AI/ML predictive models forecast the average price of ETH to reach approximately $7,000 in 2028.
  • It’s suggested that the average price could soar over $10,000 in 2030.

Get in-depth insights on ETH via a comprehensive monthly technical analysis, followed by the coming days of the month, upcoming months, and yearly forecast tables derived from our AI/ML-based predictive models: 


ETH technical analysis: Can the king of altcoins regain momentum?


For ETH, bulls appeared to be the dominant force, capitalizing on market opportunities. Yet, the market downturn prompts a closer look at the Ethereum price prediction in 2024. 


The analysis period commenced with a rally that led to the price reaching $2,135 in mid-April. Nonetheless, a rejection followed. The series of declines led the price to fall back to its lowest price floor at $1,615 by mid-August. 


After brief dips below this level, bulls initiated a stronger rally in mid-October, pushing the price over $2,135 in December and turning it into support. For the entire month, buyers strived to defend this support while eyeing the resistance at $2,506. A subsequent test of this level in January triggered a slight pullback mid-month. 


The decline ceased swiftly. Additionally, upward momentum resumed towards the month’s end, overcoming the resistance by mid-February. The price continued to ascend, and by March, it had surpassed the $3,457 threshold, establishing a new peak resistance at $4,003

A test of this level precipitated a corrective drop. The cryptocurrency market experienced a significant downturn in April, profoundly affecting the altcoin’s price. This decline drove the coin’s value below $3,457

Furthermore, the price even dipped temporarily below the $3,000 mark, triggering widespread concern and panic among investors. Nonetheless, ETH managed to recover slightly, exchanging hands at $3,092 at the time of writing.


AMBCrypto’s analysis of CryptoQuant’s data showed a decline in the exchange reserve, indicating reduced selling pressure. Further examination revealed an increase in both the number of active addresses and the transaction count.

Moreover, the positive status of the Funding Rate suggested that traders holding long positions were predominant, effectively compensating short-position traders. Insights from Hyblock Capital also highlighted potential milestones for ETH if the current bullish trend persists. 

Initially, ETH might aim for a target of $3,340, where an increase in liquidations is expected. Should it manage a successful breakout above this level, subsequent targets could be $3,600 and $3,800 in the ensuing days.

Notably, Hong Kong has granted approval for the first series of spot Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The anticipation of and ongoing discussions about a potential Ethereum ETF being approved in the U.S. could draw significant attention and investment from both investors and the industry. 

This development could act as a catalyst for further growth, propelling the coin’s price beyond its current highest resistance level. Such a surge could elevate the price to as high as $4,500 in the short to medium term. 


ETH can also follow in BTC’s footsteps and reach its all-time high (ATH) this year with prospects to touch the $5,000 mark. However, it may encounter significant resistance at $4,600 as the price trajectory evolves.


Our models predict that ETH will trade at an average price of $7,000 in the next four years. The next significant milestone for the coin would be crossing the five-digit mark, which is most likely to happen in 2030. The models predict that the coin might average over $10,000.


However, the presence of bearish pressure cannot be ignored. A downturn for Ethereum could see its price retract below $3,083, with a more bearish scenario bringing it closer to the $2,506 mark.


ETH’s 2024 roadmap: Key indicators to watch and trade

  • The trading volume started high but began to decline as the price dropped. A recovery was observed during the bullish phase in mid-October.
  • Since mid-February, the volume had been recording new highs, which faltered slightly given the recent downtick. This signaled that the investors were potentially waiting for more definite signs before committing further.
  • The On-Balance Volume (OBV) ascended slightly at the outset, then descended until October. It sustained an uptrend till March. Nonetheless, its trajectory reversed, reaching the value of 131.457 million at the time of writing. 
  • This value was lower from the recent high of 145.714 million. It indicated a drop in buying pressure.
  • In June, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) line crossed below the signal line, followed by a drop below the zero line in September. The signal line went across the zero line in October, indicating a negative shift in momentum.
  • Towards the end of October, the MACD line rose above the signal line. The momentum continued to improve in November as both the MACD and signal lines moved above the zero line, with the trend mostly ascending thereafter. 
  • By the end of March, the MACD line began to decline, converging closer to the signal line. As of the latest update, the MACD line was recorded at 371.75, the signal line at 367.83, and the histogram at 3.93. This suggested a reduction in bullish momentum.

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19 04, 2024

XRP Price Prediction as XRP Falls Behind USDC In Coin Rankings

By |2024-04-19T02:35:57+02:00April 19, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments

Last updated:

| 3 min read

XRP Price Prediction as XRP Falls Behind USDC In Coin Rankings
Source: Adobe

The XRP (XRP) price is struggling to keep up with a broader crypto market rebound on Thursday, rising just 1.4% in 24 hours as per CoinMarketCap versus gains of 3.5% for Bitcoin (BTC) and 4.5% for Solana (SOL), with XRP’s market cap having recently slipped below that of US dollar stablecoin Circle USD (USDC).

Down more than 20% on the month and trading just above $0.50, XRP’s market cap was last around $27.67 billion. That’s nearly $4.5 billion less than USDC’s market cap of just over $33 billion. XRP’s coin ranking it now number 7, with USDC taking the 6th spot.

The XRP price dumped hard earlier in the month amid a sharp altcoin sell-off. Geopolitics was the catalyst for the sell-off at the time, but macro headwinds have blocked a full recovery.

And XRP’s fortunes could yet worsen, with the cryptocurrency having broken below a key long-term uptrend.

XRP Price Prediction – Here’s Where XRP Is Headed Next

XRP’s sharp drop earlier this month saw the cryptocurrency break below an uptrend that had been in play going all the way back to early 2023.

Since the break of this trendline, the XRP bears have already hit three major price targets. Those were at $0.4850, $0.46 and $0.43, with bears likely to eye $0.40 next.

That target could well get hit is Bitcoin succumbs to a post-halving sell-the-fact reaction, and macro headwinds keep building.

The XRP price’s near-term technical outlook is ugly.
The XRP price’s near-term technical outlook is ugly. Source: TradingView

XRP Alternative to Consider – 5thScape (5SCAPE)

XRP’s near-term technical outlook is ugly. The token may well continue to keep pace with its better-performing rivals for the remainder of 2024.

After all, Bitcoin sits at the forefront of global adoption in wake of recent US spot ETF approvals. ETH, while still facing regulatory risk, is a much more dynamic chain and remains the major home of DeFi.

Investors looking to take their first steps into the crypto market would likely do better choosing either of these two.

Alternatively, for more risk-tolerant investors looking to secure higher gains, a good strategy to consider is presale investing.

Up-and-coming web3 projects often conduct fundraising rounds to pay for early developments via the sale of their native token.

These tokens are normally sold at a very cheap valuation to attract intrepid investors.

Of course, presale investing is very risky too. A project may fail to deliver on its promises and roadmap, leaving investors out of pocket.

But if a project gains traction, presale investors frequently find themselves sat on 10x or more gains.

One project that analysts at Cryptonews think has a good chance of delivering short-term gains is AR/VR innovator 5thScape (5SCAPE).

5thScape (5SCAPE) – 2024’s Most Promising Presale?

First-of-its-kind crypto-powered VR/AR project 5thScape (5SCAPE) has already raised over $5 million so far. 5thScape believes that tokenization will play a major role in the future of VR/AR, and its $5SCAPE token is central to its vision.

Priced at just $0.00327, a steep discount versus the token’s planned launch price of $0.1, investors who get involved now can lock in paper gains of 200%.

Given its total token supply of 5.1 billion, investors who get in now are essentially buying into the project at a market cap of $16 million.

However, 5thScape could easily become a major market leader in its VR/AR niche. There is a good chance that it could one day become a $500 million market cap token. That means investors who get in now could potentially bag huge gains.

5thScape runs on the Ethereum network and will make use of the Skale Network Layer 2 technology to enable the scaling necessary for gaming and other virtual world activities.

$5SPACE token can be bought today with ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, or card.

Eighty percent of the total token supply is available for purchase in the presale. The excitement around the project is shown by the size of the community on social media.

5thScape’s Discord server already has more than 5,400 members, Telegram 16,588, X/Twitter 9,569, and 1,000-plus on its YouTube channel.

Buy 5SCAPE Here

See why crypto YouTuber Tommy ranks 5SCAPE amongst his top 5 cryptocurrencies to buy now.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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19 04, 2024

Is a Mega Move for ADA on the Horizon?

By |2024-04-19T00:34:56+02:00April 19, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments


  • Cardano’s ADA has significantly declined, currently priced around $0.45, reflecting a broader market downturn.
  • However, analysts remain optimistic, with forecasts suggesting a rebound to $1 in the near term and possibly reaching higher milestones like $1.70 or even $10 under favorable conditions.

ADA Ready for a Bull Run?

Cardano’s ADA has underperformed in the past few weeks, coinciding with the broader crypto market retreat. Its price currently hovers around $0.45 (per CoinGecko’s data), representing a 22% decline on a weekly scale and 25% in a month.

ADA Price, Source: CoinGecko

The chart analyst using the X handle Trend River, though, believes ADA may experience a substantial rally in the following months if it mirrors its performance from the past:

“If history repeats itself, we might be on the cusp of ADA’s ultimate support test before skyrocketing. Recall October 2020? The price dipped to $0.10 before soaring to $3.”

The analyst also claimed that fear levels related to Cardano’s native token “are peaking,” which indicates the testing of major support zones. 

“If it manages to hold, we could be at the exact bottom right now before the move to $1,” Trend River predicted.

Who Else Expects a Bullish Trend?

Earlier this month, the X user Ali Martinez presented a chart, according to which ADA’s valuation “is exactly where it should be.” He thinks the token is poised to reach $1.70 as long as it enters the $0.55-$0.80 range. Previously, the analyst envisioned a “parabolic” jump for ADA to a new all-time high of $10.

If you are curious to explore additional price predictions involving Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, feel free to check our dedicated video below:

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18 04, 2024

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction for April 18 — TradingView News

By |2024-04-18T18:30:25+02:00April 18, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments

Even though the day has started bearish for most of the coins, buyers are trying to seize the initiative, according to CoinStats.BTC chart by CoinStats


The price of Bitcoin BTCUSD has increased by 1.05% over the last 24 hours.Image by TradingView

On the hourly chart, the rate of BTC has broken the local resistance level of $63,095. If the daily bar closes above that mark until the end of the day, the growth may continue to $64,000.Image by TradingView

The price of BTC is rising after a false breakout of the support of $60,365. If the candle closes far from this level, traders may expect a local upward move to the $66,000-$68,000 zone.

Such a scenario is relevant until the end of the week.Image by TradingView

From the midterm point of view, the rate of the main crypto has almost touched the $59,313 level. At the moment, the price is far from the support and resistance, which means one should not expect sharp moves soon. All in all, sideways trading between $62,000 and $66,000 is the more likely scenario.

Bitcoin is trading at $63,983 at press time.

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18 04, 2024

Dogecoin Price Prediction as DOGE Falls Below $0.15 – Is DOGE Going to $0.01?

By |2024-04-18T16:29:10+02:00April 18, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments

Last updated:

| 3 min read

Dogecoin Price Prediction as DOGE Falls Below alt=

The Dogecoin price has fallen by 3% in the past 24 hours, with its drop below $0.15 coming as the crypto market barely moves today.

Despite this loss, DOGE has actually risen by 2.5% in the past hour, in line with the rest of the market, which is compensating a little for yesterday’s losses.

This means the Dogecoin price has now dropped 24% in a week, but remains up by 16% in a month and by 60% in a year.

The last hour’s bounce also raises the possibility that the market has bottomed and is now entering a recovery, something which could see DOGE make further gains soon enough.

Dogecoin Price Prediction as DOGE Falls Below $0.15 – Is DOGE Going to $0.01?

After suffering over the past week, DOGE is showing increasing signs of a recovery, with its indicators bottoming out and beginning to rise again.

Most notably, DOGE’s relative strength index (purple) has jumped from 30 earlier this morning to just over 50 now, and it looks like it should continue for a while yet.

Dogecoin price chart.
Source: TradingView

At the same time, the coin’s 30-day average (orange) has flattened out after a period of consistent declines, indicating that it had entered an oversold position and is now ready to rise again.

We haven’t seen a pronounced spike in trading volume just yet, but with the coin now rising vigorously more buyers could soon follow.

It’s likely that DOGE had fallen by so much that investors and traders could no longer pass on the opportunity to buy it at a discount.

It’s also possible that today could be the beginning of a pre-Bitcoin halving rally, although some analysts have warned that financial pressure on miners could force a damaging selloff.

However, given that the market has declined markedly over the past week, such a selloff may have already happened.

This means that the market is now ready to recover while bringing the Dogecoin price along for the ride.

As for Dogecoin itself, the Bitcoin halving is set to take place on April 20, which is also Dogecoin Day.

As such, we could see DOGE outperform the market a little, especially if it continues to receive plugs from Elon Musk, who recently tweeted about the coin.

And if X ever integrates DOGE once it introduces digital payments on its platform, then the Dogecoin price could skyrocket.

For now, traders can expect it to reach $0.2 in the next few weeks and $0.4 by the summer.

New Presale Tokens May Outperform Bigger Coins

Because DOGE’s performance may be a little too steady for some, they may prefer to invest in newer tokens, especially presale coins that can generate lots of momentum as they prepare to list.

One exciting presale coin available at the moment is DICE, the native token of popular crypto casino Mega Dice.

Mega Dice is one of the most trusted online casinos in crypto, with its website offering over 4,500 games to play and bet on, from casino classic to sports betting.

Capitalizing on its extraordinary growth since launching last year, Mega Dice is now launching the Solana-based DICE.

It opened the presale for DICE earlier this week, and has already raised more than $340,000.

This is an impressive figure, with DICE offering plenty of utility to its holders once it launches.

It will be usable as a payment token for games on Mega Dice’s platform, while it will also provide access to exclusive games and promotions.

As a token, it will have a fixed supply of 420 million tokens, while holders will also be able to stake it.

The combination of staking and a capped supply could mean that DICE quickly becomes a deflationary token, with its price rising steadily over time as it grows in usage.

This has a strong probability of happening, given how popular Mega Dice already is as a crypto casino.

And because of this popularity, the coin may rally strongly when it lists on exchanges in the next few weeks.

Buy DICE Now

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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18 04, 2024

Ripple Price Prediction For The Weekend: Can XRP Hit $1?

By |2024-04-18T14:27:39+02:00April 18, 2024|Crypto News, News|0 Comments

In a recent significant development, a US judge handed down a ruling that determined Ripple’s XRP should not be classified as a security. However, the lawsuit still keeps dragging on with no proper closure date. As a result of this pivotal decision, the price of XRP experienced a remarkable surge in the market.

However, the surge was short-lived. XRP’s price has not been quite as high as compared to other altcoins. XRP is trading at $0.4954, with a 0.6% drop in value over the past 24 hours. XRP is down 20% over the last 7 days and 18.1% in the last 30 days. Here is our price prediction for Ripple XRP for the weekend.

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Ripple Price Prediction For The Weekend: Can XRP Hit ?
Source: CoinGecko

Ripple price prediction for the weekend

Cryptocurrency experts at Changelly have given their price prediction for Ripple XRP for the weekend. According to the analysts, XRP is not likely to hit the $1 level this weekend. The analysts forecast XRP to reach a minimum of $0.62 and a maximum of $0.66.

The price of XRP went as high as $0.8875 when a US judge declared that XRP is not a security. It provided a boost to the price of Ripple, and several exchanges relisted XRP. However, the price has plunged. In comparison to Ripple’s performance, the whole cryptocurrency market seems to be trading in the red.

Also read: Shiba Inu Forecasted To Hit $0.0003: Here’s When

It’s no secret that XRP has dramatically underperformed the broader crypto market as the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple clouded its regulatory standing.

However, Ripple has notched a series of legal victories this past year, swinging the case further in its favor and renewing hopes for a settlement. As certainty returns to XRP’s outlook, technical alignment now signals traders may rotate back into this high-flying but controversial asset.

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