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A New Lightning Speed DEX On Solana Is Revolutionizing DEFI

By Published On: March 11, 20242.8 min readViews: 1910 Comments on A New Lightning Speed DEX On Solana Is Revolutionizing DEFI

The cryptocurrency and web3 realm can be a treacherous terrain to navigate. However, projects constantly innovate and release new tools to ease user experience and increase speed. One such project is SolarSwap, an automated market maker (AMM) operating on the Solana blockchain. The project aims to harness the power of a central limit order book to facilitate blazing-fast trading, shared liquidity, and innovative yield-generating capabilities.

Features of the Solana-based Solar Swap AMM

A New Lightning Speed DEX On Solana Is Revolutionizing DEFI

Lightning speed UI

SolarSwap offers the fastest UI and transaction submissions. The platform is seven times faster (7X) than other DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges). Users don’t need to undercut their trading speed when trading on the Solana chain while using Solar Swap.

With Solana’s lightning-fast transaction speeds and industry-leading throughput, SolarSwap ensures instantaneous order execution, providing traders with a seamless and frictionless trading experience unmatched by traditional exchanges.


SolarSwap has its own Anti-MEV (Anti-Maximal Extractable Value) RPC, exclusive for $SOLAR holders. It refers to a set of techniques, protocols, or mechanisms implemented in decentralized finance (DeFi) systems to mitigate or prevent the harmful effects of Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) on the Ethereum blockchain and other similar networks. The Anti-MEV RPC ensures traders on the platform won’t be sandwich-attacked by trading bots.

Cheapest Open Market Fees

Instead of the regular market price of 2.8SOL for Open Market on Solana, users can now pay 1.5 SOL via SolarSwap. The price is over 45% discounted from the regular market rates for New Markets when creating a liquidity pair.


$SOLAR token is the native currency for SolarSwap. 100% of utility revenue will flow straight to the token via buybacks. The token aims to bring massive benefits to holders via initiatives like staking to earn protocol fees, governance votes on protocol decisions, and continual buybacks from revenue.

The $SOLAR token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 coins. 60% of the supply will go towards the presale. 20% is for centralized listings. 9% will be for liquidity. 5% is dedicated to marketing, while airdrops and the team get 3% each.

SolarSwap Roadmap

SolarSwap has made significant developments in the DEX space. Moreover, the platform has a robust plan for 2024.

By the first quarter of this year, the team plans to secure initial funding through token sales or grants. They also plan to launch smart contracts development on Solana. The team will also establish the foundation for the SolarSwap token (SOLAR) and governance. One of the most vital developments for Q1 2024 is the launch of the V1 SolarSwap App. 

The team has committed to extensive auditing and testing for expansion in Q2 of this year. They will engage third-party security auditors to ensure the platform’s security.

Users can expect the full-scale mainnet launch of SolarSwap’s new applications by Q3 of this year. By the last quarter of this year, the team plans on implementing marketing and outreach campaigns to attract more users. The team will also expand the Solar Swap community through partnerships and collaborations.

To learn more about Solana-based SolarSwap, you can visit their website, read their whitepaper, visit their Telegram, or X page, and check out the official DEX.


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