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Aptos Removes Bridge Limits In Cross-Chain Push

By Published On: March 8, 20241.5 min readViews: 2300 Comments on Aptos Removes Bridge Limits In Cross-Chain Push

Aptos’s TVL is up 822% in five months.

Aptos is seeking to bolster its cross-chain interoperability with other networks, with the team removing the daily transaction limit on its Stargate bridge.

Announced on March 8, the move enables unlimited activity for bridge users and is intended to promote the development of cross-chain DeFi protocol supporting Aptos. Alongside enabling unlimited bridge transactions, Aptos also published educational resources and tutorials aimed at developers interested in building multichain applications leveraging the bridge.

The Stargate Aptos bridge was built on top of LayerZero, a leading cross-chain communication protocol.

In an announcement, Aptos noted that several ecosystem projects are already using the bridge, including decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap, Aries Markets, and Liquidswap, DeFi protocols Apten Labs and Thala Labs, and the Amnis liquid staking platform.