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BlockDAG’s Moon Keynote vs SEI Blockchain & Solana Price

By Published On: June 5, 20243.8 min readViews: 1680 Comments on BlockDAG’s Moon Keynote vs SEI Blockchain & Solana Price

Witness the impact of BlockDAG’s breathtaking moon-shot keynote and X1 Miner Beta App Launch amid SEI Blockchain updates & Solana price prediction.

Despite a recent surge, the Solana price forecast oscillates between downward and upward momentum. On the other hand, SEI blockchain launches new upgrades to unlock a potential bullish momentum.

BlockDAG brightens planet Earth with a captivating keynote, shot on the moon! Following the release of this video, the platform secured an 850% price surge for its community. BlockDAG’s X1 Miner Beta app, a cloud-mining marvel that makes crypto mining possible via a smartphone, has significantly expanded its user base.

Solana Price: SOL Sees Mixed Market Reactions

The Solana price has seen a neat 30% price surge since May, thanks to its active participation in the upcoming Consensus event. Despite this optimistic momentum, SOL has experienced a substantial downturn in the past week. This mixed performance has caused many investors to wonder if SOL will retain its bullish momentum in the coming weeks. Solana is no stranger to fluctuations and its current symmetrical triangle pattern reveals a possibility of both upward and downward trends. SOL’s RSI and MACD show bearish signs, revealing an uncertain short-term outlook.

SEI Blockchain: New Upgrades Promise Bullish Trends

The SEI blockchain recently kicked off its Version two upgrade. This new development on the SEI network includes a parallelised EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), bringing an impressive price surge for the token. This upgrade aims to boost the functionality of the SEI network, including a critical software upgrade rollout and integrations of EVM-based contracts. The blockchain also integrated the OpenSea Marketplace to allow seamless NFT adoption. SEI’s proactive steps toward innovation have unlocked optimistic market sentiments, suggesting a potential bullish momentum in the coming weeks.

BlockDAG’s Moon Keynote vs SEI Blockchain & Solana PriceBlockDAG’s Moon Keynote vs SEI Blockchain & Solana Price

BlockDAG’s Keynote From the Moon Trigger 850% Surge

The crypto community saw an overnight revolution when BlockDAG broadcasted its Keynote 2.0, straight from the moon. This fantastical move resulted in a sudden 850% price surge and brought predictions of a 20,000x ROI explosion.

The contents of the video covered exciting announcements such as the X1 App Beta release, 45 new development updates, ambitious roadmap enhancements, and global marketing initiatives. These development updates aim to make BlockDAG the fastest, most scalable crypto platform. The coin’s roadmap enhancements have helped BlockDAG conquer milestones such as EVM compatibility, Block & DAG framework, Peer-to-Peer Engine, and more.

Shedding some light on its presale victories, the keynote revealed predictions of BlockDAG gleaning $5 million in daily earnings. The crypto’s community-building initiatives like the $2M giveaway have brought over 60,000 entries. The presentation also revealed BlockDAG’s expanded payment options, incorporating over 10 payment methods including USDT, BNB, and Ethereum. The keynote finally culminated with a solid plan for the upcoming mainnet launch, skyrocketing the crypto’s value.

x1 mobile minerx1 mobile miner

BlockDAG has recently introduced the beta version of its X1 miner app, an exciting development in the field. This app simplifies the mining process, allowing users to mine up to 20 BDAG coins daily without draining their phone’s battery or data, unlike more complex systems such as Bitcoin mining.

BlockDAG’s unforgettable moon keynote and its groundbreaking X1 Miner Beta app launch, have led many analysts to call it the next Bitcoin or Kaspa. With a current price of $0.0095, BlockDAG is projected to reach $1 value in 2024.


Whereas the Solana price forecast brings mixed reactions despite a monthly 30% surge, the SEI blockchain hopes for a bullish reward after the launch of its Version two upgrade. BlockDAG, on the other hand, dazzles the crypto community with an insightful moon-shot keynote and the X1 Miner Beta app launch. These developments bring home an 850% price surge and unlock 20,000x ROI projections for BlockDAG investors.

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