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Changokushi Is Yoshiki Okamoto’s New NFT Game

By Published On: March 5, 20241.5 min readViews: 2610 Comments on Changokushi Is Yoshiki Okamoto’s New NFT Game

Image courtesy of Okakichi

Yoshiki Okamoto has formally revealed his NFT game project. Previously teased as

Project K, the project shall now be known as Changokushi. The new title is short for Oneechan Sangokushi, and it will feature female versions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms figures in a similar fashion to the Koihime Musou franchise. The project will encompass multiple games, and the first one is revealed to be a rogue-lite auto-battling mobile RPG titled Changokushi! Kekkon-shiyou.

Okamoto also explained how his project will be more accessible than other NFT titles on the series’ portal site. People will be able to purchase NFT characters with credit cards instead of cryptocurrencies. The NFTs will be applicable to most of the series’ games, as long as the character has already been added to the title’s roster.

People can immediately start playing the free-to-play games without having to obtain any NFTs beforehand. Okamoto’s company Okakichi has also set up an NFT marketplace site for the project, titled KUSOGeeeeee—which is taken from the Japanese term meaning “crappy games.”

The project’s inaugural game, Changokushi! Kekkon-shiyou, has a Japanese subtitle based on a pun of “Let’s get married.” However, the “Kekkon” term uses a different kanji letter from the usual “Marriage” word. The term here means “Soul Binding,” and it will refer to weapon fusions as one of the game’s primary gameplay features.

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Players will gather numerous weapons through gameplay, and they can fuse them with the Soul Binding feature to try to produce more powerful weapons. They can then sell the fused weapons on the NFT market.

Changokushi! Kekkon-shiyou, The first entry in Yoshiki Okamoto’s NFT game project, will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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