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dWallet Network Comes to Aptos (APT) for Multi-Chain DeFi, GameFi Protocols

Synergy of two protocols is expected to introduce Zero Trust Protocols (ZTPs) with native multi-chain interoperability into the DeFi and gaming segments of Aptos (APT) L1

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As the new integration kicks off, Zero Trust Protocol on Aptos (APT) will be able to sign transactions on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other EVM- and non-EVM blockchains.

dWallet Network enables multi-chain DeFi on Aptos (APT)

According to the official statement by its team, dWallet Network, a pioneering native multi-chain technology platform, is thrilled to expand its technology to Aptos (APT), a Move-based high-performance L1 blockchain.

Image by dWallet Labs
dWallet’s proprietary Zero Trust Protocols (ZTPs) will advance the interoperability and performance of decentralized finance apps (DeFis) and play-to-earn applications on Aptos (APT) blockchain.

Aptos is renowned for its secure, high-through put and low-latency blockchain capabilities, utilizing the Move smart contract language to provide developers with a robust and secure platform for building sophisticated applications while maintaining extremely low and consistent gas fees. 

Omer Sadika, cofounder of dWallet Network, shares his optimism about the integration with Aptos (APT) as one of the most promising blockchains for various use cases:

We are excited to bring our decentralized, noncollusive dWallet building block to the fast and secure Aptos blockchain to enable ZTPs. Doing so broadens horizons for DeFi and gaming protocols within the Aptos ecosystem, and represents a significant leap towards realizing our vision of a seamless, Zero Trust and multi-chain future.

With dWallet Network, Aptos builders will be able to create ZTPs with native, noncollusive and decentralized dWallets, enabling seamless multi-chain interactions across Web3.

Showcasing opportunities of 2PC-MPC protocol

To implement the dWallet’s Zero Trust primitive, dWallet Network utilizes 2PC-MPC, a state-of-the-art threshold protocol developed by its team. 

Professor Benny Pinkas, researcher at Aptos, is excited by the scope of the opportunities the new collaboration unlocks for developers:

The dWallet team led pioneering cryptography research to introduce the innovative 2PC-MPC protocol, enabling multi-chain Zero Trust. I’m excited about developers in the Aptos ecosystem being able to develop ZTPs that operate seamlessly across all of Web3 in a cryptographically secure way.

This industry-first MPC protocol enables the generation of an ECDSA signature in a noncollusive way, requiring participation from both the end user and a large number of validators, potentially reaching hundreds or even thousands.

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