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Edia Corporation and Oasys Blockchain Forge Partnership to Revive Retro Games on Web3

Publicly traded Edia Corporation (TYO:3935) has announced a strategic partnership with Oasys Blockchain, aiming to breathe new life into its extensive catalog of 139 retro games, including the renowned horizontal-scrolling shooter Gaiares from 1990. This collaboration is poised to transform these classic titles into blockchain-based games, bringing them into the modern digital era and expanding their reach to a new generation of gamers.

Oasys Blockchain, the exclusive platform for distributing these 139 games, is committed to integrating Web3 technology and engaging a broader audience in the Web3 gaming space. This partnership aligns with Oasys’s overarching strategy to enhance Web3 integration and user engagement. By leveraging Edia’s recognizable retro game IPs, the collaboration aims to attract mainstream gamers to Web3, creating an intersection between nostalgic gaming experiences and cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Marketing and Public Relations Initiatives

In addition to game development, Edia will be actively involved in public relations and marketing efforts, utilizing its retro gaming IPs and blockchain technology to raise awareness about the potential of combining classic games with Web3. This strategic approach is expected to highlight the interaction between beloved characters and titles from the 1980s and 1990s with contemporary technology, fostering greater interest and adoption among gamers.

The partnership will ensure that many iconic retro games and famous characters gain renewed attention from today’s gaming community. By tapping into Edia’s extensive catalog, Oasys aims to identify and recreate iconic games for the Web3 platform, retaining their original entertainment value and gameplay while enhancing the overall gaming experience to attract Web3 enthusiasts.

Insights from IVS Crypto 2024 in Kyoto

At the IVS Crypto 2024 event in Kyoto, one of Japan’s largest cryptocurrency gatherings, Oasys’s Tech Director Ryo Manzoku and Representative Director Ryo Matsubara participated in a panel discussion. They addressed various topics, including the demand for Web3, the decline of the Japanese economy, and the depreciation of the yen. They emphasized how the Oasys platform supports game development and promotes widespread adoption. Moreover, they expressed optimism about the future of blockchain gaming, particularly in the Asian market.

Innovation and Broader Appeal

This collaboration between Edia and Oasys is set to introduce a new user base to Web3 gaming, leveraging Oasys’s secure and scalable infrastructure. By combining Edia’s classic game IPs with blockchain technology, the partnership is expected to drive innovation in the gaming industry and broaden the appeal of blockchain gaming to a new generation of players.

Oasys Blockchain’s platform is designed to support the development and distribution of blockchain games, providing a seamless and secure environment for gamers. By integrating retro games with Web3, the partnership aims to create a unique gaming experience that appeals to both nostalgic gamers and those interested in the latest technological advancements.


The collaboration between Edia Corporation and Oasys Blockchain marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Web3 gaming. By leveraging Edia’s extensive catalog of retro games and Oasys’s blockchain expertise, the partnership aims to create innovative gaming experiences that bridge the gap between classic and contemporary gaming. This initiative is poised to attract a new generation of gamers to the world of Web3, driving innovation and expanding the reach of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

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