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Empowering DIBI Holders with Extra Earnings

By Published On: March 7, 20241.7 min readViews: 4610 Comments on Empowering DIBI Holders with Extra Earnings

Last week, Leo announced the launch of a webinar series focusing on DBLendmetrics, aimed at dissecting data types in DeFi spin-offs to gauge market sentiment. The DBLend DAO’s recent approval of the “one pledge, two mining out” program marks a significant shift, enabling communities with over 30 million DIBI to earn additional DIBI while mining DBL in the first month. This development underscores the growing interest in DeFi mining projects like YFI, Curve, and DBLend, known for offering high returns and rights through project token holdings.

Revolutionizing DeFi Mining

The newly approved program allows DBL Miners who pledge DIBI tokens to earn DBL at a rate determined by their share of the total pledged DIBI. With DBL’s total issuance capped at 2.1 million and halving annually, the only method to acquire DBL is by pledging DIBI tokens. This initiative, starting on September 27, 2020, highlights DBLend’s strategy to incentivize participation and ensure the sustainability of the DeFi ecosystem within DiBi Global.

Enhancing Token Value Through Participation

DIBI token holders stand to benefit significantly from this program. DiBi Global Exchange commits to using 20% of its profits for DIBI buybacks, thereby increasing its value through scarcity. Additionally, the program not only offers a lucrative mining opportunity but also grants DBL holders voting rights in the DBLend DAO, further integrating them into the platform’s governance structure.

Setting a New Standard in DeFi

Leo’s emphasis on the importance of keeping pace with the rapid evolution of crypto markets, regulation, and innovation highlights the need for high-quality, high-return DeFi projects. DBLend, through its decentralized lending platform and suite of DeFi products, aims to offer users substantial profits without the risk of financial bubbles, setting a new standard in the decentralized finance space.

This initiative by DBLend not only provides a novel way for DIBI holders to enhance their earnings but also plays a crucial role in the broader adoption and growth of DeFi. By offering a secure, profitable, and rights-based mining opportunity, DBLend is poised to attract a significant following among digital currency investors, further cementing its position as a leader in the DeFi sector.

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