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Ethereum NFTs Exposed: Is the BAYC Hype Train Derailing?

By Published On: March 19, 20242.5 min readViews: 1580 Comments on Ethereum NFTs Exposed: Is the BAYC Hype Train Derailing?
  • BAYC’s unimpressive performance dragged it down to the 13th position in terms of NFT sales.
  • Sales of collections built on Ethereum also dropped.

Bored Ape Yacht Club [BAYC] was one of the worst-performing collections in the NFT market after sales decreased by 54.86% in the last 24 hours.

According to AMBCrypto’s analysis of CryptoSlam, two Bitcoin [BTC] Ordinals’ collections had more sales than BAYC.

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As a result, the Yuga Labs-developed project was number 13 on the market standings. At press time, BAYC’s volume was $582,977. Uncategorized Ordinals was number one with sales worth over $9 million.

Solana [SOL]-based Mad Lads also topped Bored Ape as its sales increased by 33.01%.

Ethereum NFTs Exposed: Is the BAYC Hype Train Derailing?

Source: CryptoSlam

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However, BAYC was the not only popular NFT built on the Ethereum [ETH] blockchain with unimpressive numbers.

Pudgy Penguins’ sales also plunged by double-digits. However, the likes of Crypto Punks and Pandora did not follow the same trend.

Again, Ethereum has Solana on its heels

The decline in these transactions was a testament to the dwindling interest in the Ethereum ecosystem. Following the decline, Ethereum NFTs overall sales dropped to 12.97 million.

Bitcoin was top in this regard, as sales on the blockchain jumped by an amazing 73.21%, and almost hit double of Ethereum sales.

Meanwhile, it did not seem Ethereum was safe as its position seemed like it was up for grabs.

Who else has the effrontery to challenge the blockchain’s place if not Solana?

On the 18th of March, AMBCrypto reported how Solana has been outperforming the second most valuable blockchain on different fronts.

Is the BAYC hype finally gone?

If care is not taken, the lackluster performance of BAYC might affect Ethereum.

Furthermore, declining interest in BAYC, if not attended to, might make Solana the second most preferred blockchain for NFT trading.

During the 2021 bull cycle, Ethereum NFTs, led by BAYC enjoyed a lot of hype. This led the broader NFT market to record billions of dollars in trading volume.

However, despite reviving crypto prices, the NFT community has struggled to revisit such numbers. Should this remain the same, it might be challenging to see a return of the fanfare experienced three years ago.

Furthermore, AMBCrypto checked BAYC’s floor price. According to data from CoinGecko, the floor price of the collection was 13.56 ETH, equivalent to $45,565.

Data from CoinGecko showing the declining value of BAYC

Source: CoinGecko

The all-time floor price was 153.7 ETH, indicating that the press time value was 11x lower than its peak. As it stands, the collection might not be able to revisit the all-time high anytime soon.

Realistic or not, here’s ETH market cap in SOL’s terms

However, if the king of hype the NFT market had in 2021 returns, BAYC might have a shot at it. But one cannot deny that other narratives in the market had flushed out the NFT razzmatazz.

Going forward, the condition might remain the same.

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