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Gold continues at record levels; Here are top strategies on the yellow metal now – Market News

During 2023-24, gold exhibited remarkable returns, surpassing expectations and emerging as a robust asset for investors in the face of economic uncertainties and market fluctuations. The yellow metal achieved a new pinnacle, reaching Rs 66,100 on Monday.

Factors such as inflation concerns and geopolitical tensions contributed to the increased demand for gold, making it a standout performer in investment portfolios.  

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The notable 12-3% return in gold thus far in 2023-24 emphasizes its resilience as an investment, appealing to investors in search of stability and a hedge against economic uncertainties.

The record-breaking surge in gold prices is not merely a result of market fluctuations but is intricately tied to a complex interplay of global and domestic factors. Central banks worldwide have engaged in significant gold purchases, creating a surge in demand that has reverberated through the market.  

Simultaneously, within domestic markets, the confluence of festive and wedding seasons has driven a healthy demand for gold, further contributing to the remarkable price hike.  

In 2024, potential opportunities in the bullion market may stem from ongoing economic uncertainties, concerns about inflation, or geopolitical tensions. It is advisable for traders and investors to diligently observe global events, central bank policies, and market trends in order to pinpoint strategic entry points within the precious metals market. Gold and silver stand out as plausible safe-haven assets amid volatile conditions.

What Analyst Predict on Gold?

“Gold is trading at record high prices around $2200 (~Rs 66000) on strong demand from China, as Chinese investors are hedging against potential economic instability amid the commercial real estate crisis in their country. Moreover, lower growth concerns in other economies around the world is also supporting the prices,” said Sachin Kothari, Director of Augmont Gold for All.

Kothari also added that, some investors are trying to hedge against the possibility of higher-than-expected inflation, realign their portfolios after the stock market boom, and protect themselves from geopolitical instability. Concerns about wars between Russia and Ukraine and Israel and Hamas, as well as the upcoming presidential election in November, are among the concerns that investors have. 

“The price of gold experienced a historic upswing, reaching a record high of $2,195 per ounce. Several geopolitical factors, including speculations in the policy by the US Federal Reserve and a weakening US Dollar, have contributed to the rise in gold prices. This, in turn, led to an increased procurement of gold by central banks,” said Amit Goel, Co-Founder and Chief Global Strategist at Pace 360

Goel also added, Despite high-interest rates and robust equity markets, gold has sustained its strong performance. Positioned at the cusp of a multi-year bull run, we anticipate a multi-fold return in the coming years. All global macro-fundamental factors align to highlight the stunning potential of this asset class.

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