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Gold Price Forecast: Symmetry Points to Higher Prices

By Published On: March 7, 20241.4 min readViews: 2160 Comments on Gold Price Forecast: Symmetry Points to Higher Prices

Two Earlier Impulse Rallies

The two earlier rallies referenced each completed in 15 days with the first seeing an 11% advance and the second a 10.5% increase in price. This shows symmetry between the two swings in both price and time. Given symmetry earlier in the trend, we may yet see it again in the current advance. Today is the 16th day of the rally when starting from the February 14 swing low. So, there may only be a match in time if today’s high is a top. However, the price relationship points to higher prices.

Symmetry Occurs at 2,194 Target Zone

Gold would need to rally to 2,194 price range to reach a 10.5% advance from the February low. Each of the prior impulse moves had a short two-day pullback before moving higher. We could surely see similar behavior in the current impulse rally on the way to 2,194. That target is given greater significance because the measuring objective or target derived from the symmetrical triangle shown on the chart is close at 1,189. Two methods pointing to a similar price zone.

Up as Much as 9.1% to Date

The current rally has seen the price of gold rise by as much as 9.1%. Not too far away from the 10.5% performance target. Given the clear rise in demand and high momentum seen in this rally, if a short-term stall comes, it may be used quickly by traders to enter or add to positions thereby pushing prices still higher. The 2,194-target zone is a pivot where resistance may be seen, or another breakout and confirmation of strength occurs on a decisive rally above 2,194.

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