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Gold ring with Christ face, lost more than 500 years, found in Sweden

The gold ring was discovered by archaeologists in Sweden.— CBS News via The Archaeologists

Archaeologists from Sweden have unearthed thousands of medieval objects among which a gold ring with Christ’s face was discovered, CBS News reported.

The gold ring which reportedly belongs from the 15th century has a carved figure of Jesus Christ in the middle. The new-looking ring is small in size and archaeologists believe it to be of a female.

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Before this similar type of jewellery was found in other parts of Sweden and Finland.

The archaeologists were excavating the coastal city of Kalmar in Southwest Sweden. It is part of the National Historical Museums Agency (NHMA).

Researchers investigating the area found 50 medieval plots, small everyday objects, and alsengem which researchers believe might have been used as a religious amulet, among other things.

Major findings include buildings, cellars, 10 streets, and parts of an old wall.

According to researchers, the discoveries date back from 1250AD to 1650AD, with the smallest items almost dating back to 400 years ago.

The NHMA has labelled the investigation results as “beyond all expectations.”

The medieval city is believed to have been destroyed by battle in the 1600s, however despite the damage, large areas remain unexcavated.

Magnus Stibéus, a project manager at the Archaeologists says, “We have been able to lift the lid on the city’s Middle Ages and have had the opportunity to study how people lived, what they ate and drank, and how this changed over time.”

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