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‘Hamster Kombat’ Daily Cipher Guide: How to Use Morse Code to Earn a Million Free Coins in the Telegram Game

If you’re playing Hamster Kombat on Telegram, then you’re surely trying to rack up as many in-game coins as possible ahead of the token launch on The Open Network (TON) and accompanying airdrop. The daily combo is a solid option, but now there’s another way to bank a million free tokens every single day.

The daily cipher is a new addition that lets you tap a specific daily term in Morse code and immediately get one million free in-game coins. It’s as simple as that—although we’ll see whether the game gets craftier about conveying the daily message to players.

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Here’s how to enter the daily cipher code to earn your free coins, and where to find it.

What is the daily cipher?

Introduced on June 5, Hamster Kombat’s daily cipher offers engaged players 1 million free tokens daily. It was teased via a post on the game’s official Telegram channel, along with a string of Morse code displayed on the Telegram mini app’s loading screen (it literally read “LOADING”).

There’s a specific input method, though, so here’s what you need to know.

To begin the process, tap the “Earn per tap” box three times on the main screen. This will change the background of your hamster icon to red, and a “Daily Cipher” box will appear below your earnings meter. Now you’re set to enter the code.

The very first term for June 5 was “BTC” (aka Bitcoin), and it’s inputted through the following Morse code string: long hold and then three quick taps (B), long hold (T), and finally a long hold followed by a tap, another long hold, and another tap (C).

Screenshots from Hamster Kombat. Image: Decrypt

Each letter is displayed on the screen after it’s accurately entered, so you’ll know whether you’ve got it right. It took us a few tries to nail the cadence, but eventually we were able to input “BTC” with Morse code and net the free coins. Easy as that.

How do you find the daily cipher?

The daily cipher will be reset at 7pm UTC each day going forward, according to an official YouTube video, which is also where Hamster Kombat revealed that the first code was indeed “BTC.”

But people had already discovered this ahead of the video launch, whether through trial and error or perhaps clues shared elsewhere. As of this writing, that’s not immediately clear—and since it’s still the first day, we don’t know for sure whether Hamster Kombat will overtly share future codes.

In the meantime, you’ll likely be able to find the new daily cipher by searching on social media, like Twitter (aka X) or TikTok, similar to how the daily combo is often easy to locate soon after the morning changeover. If we find a more reliable way to discover the daily cipher, we’ll add it here in a future update.

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