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Jim Cramer Claims Bitcoin (BTC) Price Has Topped

By Published On: March 7, 20242.2 min readViews: 2550 Comments on Jim Cramer Claims Bitcoin (BTC) Price Has Topped


CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer expressed his concerns about Bitcoin reaching what he believes could be a market peak. 

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The outspoken financial pundit shared his perspective following a dramatic swing in Bitcoin’s price, which saw the digital currency plummet to $58,000 after achieving a record high of over $69,000. 

Despite the sudden dip, Bitcoin has shown resilience, clawing its way back to the $66,000 mark. 

A tumultuous market reaction

The volatility of Bitcoin has once again come to the forefront as the currency experienced a sharp downturn following its climb to unprecedented heights. 

The fluctuation was significant enough to prompt Cramer to take to X, sharing a post that has since caught the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike. 

Cramer posted an image of a small dog wrapped in a cloth and included a caption where the dog, who is supposedly named Pip, claims to have bought Bitcoin at a price of $69,210. 

In his post, Cramer took a playful jab at Michael Saylor, a known Bitcoin enthusiast and the co-founder of MicroStrategy, a company that holds a significant amount of Bitcoin in its treasury.

The term “stop me out” typically refers to the practice of setting a stop order on an investment where the position is sold when it hits a certain price to prevent further losses. In this context, it seems to be used humorously to suggest that the dog, as an investor, is looking for Saylor to potentially provide some sort of market intervention or bailout if the price of Bitcoin falls below the purchase price.

Peter Schiff’s celebration     

At the same time, renowned gold advocate and cryptocurrency skeptic Peter Schiff did not pass up the opportunity to comment on Bitcoin’s recent price action. 

Schiff’s critique pointed out the drastic intraday drop of nearly $10,000 (a 14.5% plummet). 

His comments reignited the ongoing debate about Bitcoin’s validity as a safe haven or a stable store of value, especially in light of its recent price behavior. 

The recent price has led to a noticeable shift in investor sentiment, as evidenced by the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index, which fell to 75 from a peak of 90, all within a day’s span.

The substantial price movements have also led to significant market liquidations, with totals reaching over a billion dollars in a 24-hour period, affecting both long and short positions. 

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