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March Sees Another $16M Sale in the CryptoPunks NFT Collection

By Published On: March 24, 20242.4 min readViews: 1670 Comments on March Sees Another $16M Sale in the CryptoPunks NFT Collection


  • March witnessed a remarkable $16 million transaction in the CryptoPunks collection, marking a significant moment in NFT history.
  • The rare CryptoPunk #7804, featuring unique attributes, commanded this impressive sum, reinforcing its value among digital collectibles.
  • This sale not only demonstrates the collection’s strong market presence but also contributes to a vibrant period of activity in the NFT sector.

In the bustling world of digital art and cryptocurrency, the CryptoPunks collection once again makes headlines with a monumental sale. This March, CryptoPunk #7804 fetched a staggering 4,850 ETH, which translated to approximately $16.4 million at the point of transaction. This sale not only underscores the vibrant activity in the NFT marketplace but also marks it as the second-largest price ever paid for a CryptoPunk piece.

Earlier in the same month, another piece from the collection, CryptoPunk #3100, was sold for 4,500 ETH, rounding up to about $16 million. This places it as the third-highest sale within the collection, just after the sale of #7804. These two significant transactions have propelled CryptoPunks back into the spotlight, highlighting the enduring value and appeal of these digital collectibles.

The allure of CryptoPunk #7804 lies in its unique attributes, distinguishing it from the rest of the 10,000 pieces in the collection. It features a forward-facing cap, a pipe, and small shades, attributes that are rare within the entire collection. However, its most valuable trait is its identity as one of only nine alien CryptoPunks, adding to its rarity and desirability among collectors.

The seller, known as Peruggia, shared reflections on the sale, marking it as a poignant moment and an “end of an era.” Having acquired the NFT in March 2021 for 4,200 ETH (worth $7.5 million at the time), Peruggia’s decision to hold onto the asset, despite a substantial offer of around $18 million in 2022, speaks volumes about the perceived value and potential of these digital assets.

This transaction, alongside the sale of CryptoPunk #3100, has significantly contributed to the collection’s sales volume, outpacing other popular NFTs in weekly sales figures. According to CryptoSlam, a leading NFT data tracker, CryptoPunks recorded $21.5 million in sales over the last seven days. Moreover, the NFT market as a whole has witnessed a surge in activity, with a reported $1.5 billion in sales volume across various blockchain networks in the past 30 days.

The substantial sales of CryptoPunk #7804 and #3100 underscore the vibrant and dynamic nature of the NFT market. As collectors and investors continue to seek out rare and valuable digital assets, the trajectory of NFT sales and the broader blockchain ecosystem remains a keen area of interest for many.

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