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Memecoins Outperform as Crypto Does its Best to Button Up After Bitcoin ETF

The memecoin sector has surged 77% in the past week, outperforming even red-hot AI tokens.

As crypto careens into a new bull market, its advocates will be hoping detractors finally see that blockchain tech has the potential to disrupt industries from finance to social media.

However, based on the best-performing sectors in crypto, those naysayers could be forgiven for refusing to see the light.

Are the best-performing tokens in the Layer 2s category, key for scaling blockchain for mainstream usage? Perhaps they’re in the red-hot intersection between crypto and artificial intelligence? Or maybe those projects on the technical frontier of restaking, modular blockchains or DePIN.

Nope. Cat-themed Coins, Dog-themed Coins, Memes, and Fractionalized NFTs – which consist of mostly Doge-themed NFTs – are leading the charge.