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Polygon Ships Napoli Upgrade Including First Rollup Improvement Proposal

RIP-7212 aims to improve the interoperability of rollups with mainstream tech.

The Polygon PoS sidechain executed its Napoli hard fork, becoming the first network to support RIP-7212.

Napoli introduced support for three major upgrades included in Ethereum’s recent Dencun hard fork, spanning EIP-1153: Transient Storage, EIP-6780: SELFDESTRUCT, and EIP-5656: memory copying instruction.

EIP-1153 improves the efficiency of block space usage, while EIP-6780 limits the scope of the selfdestruct opcode, and EIP-5656 reduces the technical overhead associated with copying memory.

Polygon is also set to introduce support for EIP-4844, the primary fee-reducing upgrade included in Dencun, as part of its Feijoa upgrade in May.