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Pullix presale hits $9M as it nears end; three days to Uniswap listing

2024-03-01 11:18:43 ET

In a groundbreaking development,


, the innovative DeFi protocol, has witnessed an overwhelming response in its presale, amassing an impressive $9,052,991 in funds with just three days remaining before the much-anticipated listing on Uniswap.

This milestone underscores the growing interest in Pullix and its native token, $PLX, as it pioneers a hybrid exchange model that seamlessly combines the strengths of centralized and decentralized platforms.

Investor confidence in Pullix

Pullix has emerged as a frontrunner in the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), going by the attention that its presale is attracting from investors worldwide. The presale, which commenced in 2023, has garnered nearly $9.1 million, demonstrating robust investor confidence in the project’s vision and execution.

As the countdown clock ticks away,

the current bonus presale round

presents a compelling opportunity for early investors to secure $PLX tokens at a price of $0.14 each. The success of the presale positions Pullix as a formidable player in the crypto trading and investment space, challenging conventional norms with its hybrid approach.

Anticipation builds for exchange listings

Pullix has strategically planned its listing events, with Uniswap being the first platform to witness the debut of the PLX token on March 4th, 2024.

This listing on a decentralized exchange aligns with Pullix’s commitment to decentralization and inclusivity within the crypto community.

Following this, a BitMart listing is scheduled for March 7th, 2024, providing traders with diverse options to access and trade the PLX token.

Investors eagerly anticipate the Uniswap listing, as it marks a significant step in Pullix’s journey to redefine the crypto trading experience. The listing events are expected to bring heightened liquidity to the PLX token, opening new avenues for traders and investors alike.

The Pullix ecosystem

The Pullix ecosystem introduces a novel concept of “Trade-to-Earn,” empowering $PLX token holders to participate in daily revenue sharing. Through a unique mechanism, a portion of the daily revenues generated by Pullix is used to purchase and burn $PLX tokens from the open market, reducing the token supply and potentially driving value.

One notable feature is the transparency offered to users, allowing them to track daily trade revenue and token burns via an intuitive dashboard. This commitment to openness is further exemplified by the decision to lock the liquidity pool for 24 months post-Uniswap launch, mitigating any concerns of potential market manipulation or instability.

Looking ahead, Pullix’s roadmap outlines ambitious plans for development within a 12-month timeframe.

Having completed the presale launch, formation, marketing campaigns, and license acquisition in 2023, the team is poised for a dynamic 2024.

The upcoming phases include completing the presale, launching PLX on decentralised exchanges, listing on centralised exchanges, beta platform launch, and the development of mobile applications for iOS and Android.

In addressing regulatory considerations, Pullix acknowledges the DeFi nature of its protocol, leading to the decision to register offshore. The company is diligently pursuing regulatory approval, with expectations set for the approval of its first license by January 19th, 2024.


As Pullix prepares for its imminent Uniswap listing and subsequent listing on BitMart, the crypto community eagerly awaits the unfolding chapters in the platform’s journey.

With the

successful presale

that is coming to an end in two days, innovative features, and strategic listings, Pullix stands at the forefront of the evolving landscape of decentralized finance, poised to make a lasting impact.

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Pullix presale hits $9M as it nears end; three days to Uniswap listing

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