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Sequence will offer Aethir decentralized GPUs on demand for Web3 games

Sequence announced today that it will offer its customers access to Aethir, a decentralized graphics processing unit (GPU)-as-a-Service (GaaS) provider.

The move is part of Sequence‘s plan to offer an all-in-one development platform for Web3 games. Aethir has amassed a lot of partners with GPUs in a decentralized network and it is providing them to the Web3 gaming startups that need AI or blockchain processing.

With Aethir, developers building with Sequence can tap into a distributed fleet of enterprise GPUs transition graphically intense games to the cloud and blockchain, use cloud-hosted instances for pre-release testing, and generate instant Web3 cross-platform experiences cost-effectively.

According to Kagan, a media research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence’s TMT offering, cloud gaming revenues are expected to compound at a 35.6% growth rate until 2026.

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Some of the biggest operators driving this growth have been the largest buyers of Nvidia A100 and H100 GPUs, such as Meta, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more. Despite cloud gaming being a transformative force that millions of players embrace, developers face an inevitable scaling challenge once games hit a certain scale, especially those interested in integrating innovative technologies such as blockchain.

“Sequence is a perfect partner to advance Aethir’s vision in scaling web3 gaming,” said Paul Thind, chief revenue officer at Aethir, in a statement. “Their development platform empowers studios, and our decentralized network fuels those creations. Together, we’re building the infrastructure for a future where anyone can contribute to, and benefit from web3 gaming. We’re excited to collaborate with Sequence and see the innovative web3 titles that emerge from this powerful combination.”

By distributing and decentralizing GPU ownership and processing across a global network, Aethir eliminates the reliance on centralized cloud providers. Aethir harnesses underutilized GPUs contributed by miners, developers, users, ATH token holders, and the Aethir DAO to democratize access to the tech industry’s ‘new gold.’

Unlike traditional models where companies rent GPUs from large cloud providers, Aethir enables individuals and businesses to share their spare GPU power within a network built on Arbitrum, known for its scalability, safety, and lower transaction costs than other blockchain ecosystems.

“Sequence’s mission has always been to empower developers, using web3, to onboard, monetize, and retain users, and cloud is a vital part of that,” said Sam Barberie, head of strategy and partnerships at Sequence, in a statement. “The combination of Sequence’s web3 dev platform and Aethir’s decentralized GPU network offers new distribution routes and accessibility for web3 games and paves the way for communities to own their games, ensuring continued utility for their in-game assets indefinitely.”

Through Sequence, developers can easily access tools for integrating web3 elements into their games, such as digital asset wallets, payments, NFTs, and marketplaces. Now, Sequence can offer the hundreds of games and thousands of developers in its ecosystem premier access to the processing power necessary for ultra-low latency gaming at the lowest possible cost.

To kick off a partnership, Sequence developers can apply for a grant of Aethir credits by filling out this form.

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