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SLM.Games Introduces the Premier Crypto Casino Solution for Web3

Location – May 28, 2024 – SLM.Games continues to revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry with its advanced platform, allowing users to play games and earn rewards on various blockchain networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, EOS, Telos, WAX, and Solana. SLM.Games enhances the Web3 ecosystem by providing a diverse range of games and significant value, positioning itself at the forefront of the new era of blockchain gaming.
SLM.Games is dedicated to fostering a community-based, fair, and decentralized platform that benefits players, designers, and game developers alike. By joining SLM.Games, participants can earn rewards for their contributions, creating a mutually beneficial environment. The platform also offers a seamless integration solution for other projects through its platform-as-a-service (PaaS), allowing these projects to leverage SLM.Games’ robust infrastructure and features.
SLM.Games support a variety of core tokens across multiple chains, including SLM, BNB, SOL, EOS, ETH, USDT, USDC, BUSD, BTC, WAX, TLOS, TT, OKT, MATIC, and WOMBAT. The platform collaborates with community partners to list their tokens, ensuring a flexible and mutually beneficial partnership where tokens can be withdrawn anytime. This approach not only maintains token value but also potentially increases it through a recycling mechanism.
Depositing funds on SLM.Games is straightforward, requiring only contract interaction on the website, ensuring security and ease of use without additional fees. Withdrawals are equally simple, with no minimum requirements, and most requests are processed automatically. In cases where security alerts are triggered, manual review by the financial team ensures secure processing.

The internal play-and-earn token, SLM, has an unlimited supply and is earned by playing games on the platform. SLM tokens can be consumed or used to upgrade NFTs within the app, with all used tokens burned to potentially increase their value over time. Notably, there is no pre-mine distribution, pre-sale, or ICO for SLM tokens, and the team holds zero SLM tokens, ensuring a fair start for all users. The token issuance mechanism is designed to reward active players, with tokens issued at a base rate of 0.1 SLM per USD wagered, which can increase with higher Miner NFT+ levels.

SLM Trading offers users a seamless platform to exchange NFTs and tokens within the SLM.Games ecosystem enhancing liquidity and providing opportunities for strategic trading and investment.

XSLM, the governance token in the SLM.Games ecosystem, offers additional rewards for users who stake their tokens on the platform. XSLM earning is available only to NFT+ holders at Level 10, with daily releases halved every two years to regulate supply. Higher NFT+ levels lead to increased earnings, incentivizing users to upgrade and engage more deeply with the platform.

SLM.Games supports various NFT+ types, including Miner, Dice, Crash, Limbo, Blackjack, and Sticker, each with specific features and market exchange options. These NFTs can also be burned for USD on the website, offering additional flexibility and value to users. The affiliate program at SLM.Games allows participants to earn commissions from user registrations and gameplay, providing a consistent income stream regardless of game outcomes.

The platform’s retention program prioritizes player satisfaction through unique programs and campaigns, including rakeback, commission, task bonuses, and event bonuses, enhancing the overall gambling experience and increasing affiliate commission earnings. SLM.Games is committed to providing preferential terms for affiliates with exceptional reach, allowing for customized programs and higher commissions.

SLM Luckybox provides users with the opportunity to win exclusive rewards and NFTs. By opening Lucyboxes players can discover rare items and valuable tokens adding an element of surprise and excitement to the SLM.Games platform.

The partner program enables the integration of supported game NFTs, with a customized promotion page for partner collections, direct profit recharges, and no withdrawal restrictions. The platform fee is based on the house edge, with increased returns as the partner NFT+ level rises. Special circumstances may allow for negotiated higher commissions with the support team.

SLM.Games also offers a simple embedded webpage solution for projects to open their own casinos, further expanding the platform’s reach and utility. Additionally, bonus and airdrop campaigns reward the most active users through codes posted on official Telegram and Twitter channels, redeemable for gameplay across the platform.

The roadmap for SLM.Games includes the current Beta Stage, with support for various games like Crash, Limbo, Baccarat, Blackjack, Plinko, Slots, and Lottery. Future plans in the Gamma Stage include XSLM earning mechanics, third-party market NFT+ trading, and the integration of popular third-party game platforms.

SLM Slots delvers the thrllng gaming experience with a variety of slot games. Players can enjoy diverse themes and the chance to earn rewards n SLM tokens making each spin exciting and potentially rewarding.

SLM.Games addresses trust issues in online gambling with provable fairness and random number generation mechanisms, ensuring transparent and unmanipulated results. This commitment to fairness, coupled with a robust token economy and diverse gaming options, positions SLM.Games as a leading platform in the Web3 gaming industry.

For more information, visit SLM.Games or contact support at and .

About SLM.Games

SLM.Games is a pioneering platform in the Web3 gaming industry, offering a decentralized and community-based environment for playing games and earning rewards across multiple blockchain networks. With a commitment to fairness, transparency, and user satisfaction, SLM.Games integrates advanced tokenomics, diverse gaming options, and seamless platform-as-a-service solutions to enhance the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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