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Top Ethereum L2s Ready To Ship Major Upgrades

By Published On: March 22, 20243.5 min readViews: 1640 Comments on Top Ethereum L2s Ready To Ship Major Upgrades

Starknet, Optimism, and Polygon are all working on major upcoming upgrades.

The Layer 2 sector is booming, with many of Ethereum’s leading scaling solutions preparing to ship major upgrades.

On March 20, Starknet announced a new roadmap for 2024, prioritizing increasing throughput and performance over the coming months.

Starknet will introduce transaction parallelization with its 0.13.2 version upgrade in Q2 2024. The network will simultaneously execute transactions, speeding up both finality and throughput.

“ERC-20 transfers from different users, for example, will be executed concurrently instead of sequentially,” Starknet said.