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TZ APAC Fortifies Tezos Web3 Ecosystem with Seven New Startups

By Published On: April 11, 20243.7 min readViews: 2360 Comments on TZ APAC Fortifies Tezos Web3 Ecosystem with Seven New Startups
In an exciting development for the Tezos blockchain community, TZ APAC has announced the induction of seven startups into Fortify Labs, its tailored Web3 startup studio. This initiative is designed to nurture and support startups built on the Tezos and Etherlink platforms. The announcement was made on April 8, 2024, highlighting the diverse range of startups, including Akaswap, Ladder Protocol, OnChainVision (OCV) Labs, Questflow, Renora, TaskOn, and YourD.
Fortify Labs has garnered attention for its dedicated support structure, providing startups with resources from the thriving global Tezos ecosystem and hands-on collaboration with the TZ APAC team. The selection process was thorough, with startups across gaming, NFT, DeFi, AI, and infrastructure sectors applying. The chosen startups stood out for their technical and business prowess, passion, and competitive edge, making them some of the most promising ventures in the Tezos and Etherlink ecosystem today.

Exploring the Startups: A Closer Look

Akaswap, Asia’s pioneering NFT marketplace on Tezos, is expanding its horizons into Web3 gaming. Known for its vibrant artist community and innovative tools, Akaswap aims to enrich the gaming sector through its platform.

TZ APAC Fortifies Tezos Web3 Ecosystem with Seven New Startups

Ladder Protocol emerges as a decentralized automated market maker (AMM), likened to the Uniswap for NFTs, with a focus on GameFi assets. This protocol enables instant liquidity for a variety of NFTs, facilitating smoother transactions in the gaming community.

OnChainVision Labs, building on Etherlink, introduces an interactive asset builder that leverages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They’re also developing an AI tool to streamline the conversion of JPEGs into their format, aiming to enhance storage efficiency across the ecosystem.

Questflow offers a collaborative text-to-workflow platform, empowering users to automate repetitive tasks. This AI-driven solution democratizes programming capabilities, allowing for efficient workflow automation across teams.

Renora is a non-custodial robo-advisory platform that automates investment strategies, enabling users to passively maximize gains. The integration of Tezos marks Renora’s entry into decentralized ecosystems, offering users a new avenue for asset management.

TaskOn provides a decentralized platform for Web3 tasks, fostering collaboration between task initiators and implementers. With features like campaign templates and automatic token reward distribution, TaskOn enhances engagement in the Web3 space.

YourD focuses on decentralized identity verification and crypto payment systems, ensuring privacy compliance and regulatory adherence. This platform aims to bridge the gap between Web2 businesses and Web3 technologies, improving the user experience for both new and existing Web3 users.

“I am very excited about each and everyone of you. Building is one of the hardest things you’ll do in life. At least it was for me. We look forward to supporting all of you to achieve your goals”

Serial entrepreneur and Fortify Labs mentor: Julian Low

TZ Apex: Engaging the Community

TZ APAC is also launching TZ Apex, a community rewards program to increase engagement and interaction with projects built on Tezos. This initiative offers participants the opportunity to explore new projects through quests and unlock rewards such as Tez, NFTs, tokens, and exclusive merchandise.

The induction of these startups into Fortify Labs signifies a pivotal moment in the Web3 ecosystem, showcasing the innovation and potential within the Tezos and Etherlink platforms. As these startups embark on their journey, the broader community is invited to partake in their development, promising a vibrant future for blockchain technology and its applications.


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