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Upland Gaming Platform Initiates Airdrop Series in Collaboration with NFTNYC

  • Upland announces the launch of its innovative airdrop series at NFTNYC, offering unique NFT game pieces and exclusive signup bonuses.
  • Engage with social content and complete tailored missions to earn points convertible to SPARKLET, enhancing the metaverse-building experience.
  • With the integration of “hidden property” NFTs in virtual Manhattan and the upcoming Sparklet Token Event, Upland is setting new standards in the GameFi and creator economy.

Upland, the vibrant metaverse platform, has officially announced the launch of its much-anticipated “Share & Build” airdrop series. This initiative was unveiled by co-founder Dirk Lueth at the NFTNYC OMA3 panel, setting a new chapter for digital engagement and community building. The series kicks off with a special offering for NFTNYC participants, granting them an exclusive NFT game piece for the Upland metaverse and a unique signup bonus upon joining the Share & Build platform.

Adding excitement to this launch, Upland has revealed that three “hidden property” NFTs will be integrated into the already sold-out virtual Manhattan, further enriching the user experience. This move underscores the platform’s commitment to innovation and user engagement in the evolving digital landscape.

The “Share & Build” Airdrop Series, titled Chapter 1 – Social Engagement Rewards, is set to span three weeks. It introduces a novel way for participants to accumulate points by engaging with social content on Twitter. These points are then convertible to SPARKLET, Upland’s in-game utility token, enhancing the gaming and building experience within the metaverse. Simultaneously, Upland users can earn tokens by completing tailored missions, adding layers of interaction and reward to the platform’s ecosystem.

This airdrop series paves the way for the upcoming Sparklet Token Event, reflecting a strategic move by Upland following the token’s rebranding from SPARK. With over 130,000 holders and a strong community endorsement of its White Paper, SPARKLET is at the forefront of Upland’s mission to power its GameFi builder and creator economy. The overwhelming approval rate of 87.25% from the community for the White Paper highlights the token’s potential and the community’s trust in Upland’s vision.

Upland’s initiative to bridge SPARKLET for use outside of its platform marks a significant step towards integrating the digital and physical worlds. This development not only broadens the utility of SPARKLET but also reinforces Upland’s position as a pioneering force in the metaverse and GameFi sectors.

In conclusion, Upland’s “Share & Build” airdrop series not only enriches the platform’s ecosystem but also aligns with the broader vision of fostering a dynamic and engaging digital community. Through innovative engagement strategies and the expansion of SPARKLET’s utility, Upland continues to pave the way for a more interactive and immersive metaverse experience.

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