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Why This NFT Token Is Set to Eclipse Memecoins in Today’s Crypto Craze

Memecoins are resurging, trying to outshine all other altcoins as the crypto market enters a frenzy again. The top memecoins are registering massive price spikes thanks to renewed interest and tremendous trading activity. DOGE, SHIB, PEPE, and others are doing great as investors take their money to the assets to multiply it multifold. Simultaneously, new meme-based assets are making noise as memecoin presales take off on some of the most extensive networks like Solana.

Nevertheless, altcoins holding real utility are still expected to eclipse the current memecoin craze, proving why utility is more reliable than hype. An emerging token native to the NFT trading platform, NFTFN, is taking charge of dethroning the memecoin sector from the top of the crypto market.

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NFTFN Token Looks to Top the Crypto Market

The NFTFN token, named after its platform, is being offered at $0.025 through its presale, and industry experts suggest it can offer more reliable returns than its meme-based counterparts. Experts support it because of the platform’s groundbreaking utility, which is set to transform how users interact with NFTs and the larger NFT market. This sets it apart from memecoins that have no real utility.

The NFTFN Platform – The Reason Behind Its Token’s Awaited Prominence

The NFTFN trading platform takes a step away from regular NFT marketplaces, instituting an index-based approach. It offers the top blue-chip NFT assets through its index, which users can interact with by trading portions of the index through perpetual futures contracts. That way, NFT enthusiasts gain fractionally exposure to all the NFTs in the index, harnessing the price movements of some of the most robust NFTs in the market.

The index-based approach makes entering the NFT market as accessible as possible, with the platform letting anyone profit off top assets with amounts as small as $10. This move also makes top assets available to those without significant capital, shifting the NFT market’s best offerings from affluent investors to everyone interested. Thus, NFT enthusiasts can safely trade NFTs and not be constricted to obscure NFT collections that may tank in value or turn out to be scams.

Simultaneously, the index-based approach works great in letting users hedge their trades. Since they do not rely on a single NFT asset for their profiting endeavors, their exposure is spread across multiple top NFTs, keeping their positions protected against massive price drops. Enthusiasts dealing with single NFTs know how frustrating it can be to endure sudden price drops. By interacting with an entire index, users can be assured that well-performing assets will balance out the price drops of those not performing well.

Also, NFTFN does not limit itself to NFTs, although the asset type is at the heart of the platform. Users can diversify their trading experience by making the most of other asset types like Bitcoin Ordinals, ERC-20 tokens, and RWAs (Real World Assets). The platform offers users the same index-based trading with these assets as it does with NFTs.

NFTFN makes it safe for traders to use the platform. It ensures transparency by using the power of decentralization to commit all trades through its DEX. Users can be assured of no human interference or corruption while trading their positions. Moreover, a transparent orderbook allows them to view bids and asks lists anytime, making it impossible to conduct unfair, centralized practices.

Other features offered by the platform include 10X leverage potential and the elimination of slippage fees. The former lets users go big on trades and earn 10X what they would with their own funds, while the latter eliminates unfair fee practices for slippage events that users have no control over.

NFTFN Token Will Undoubtedly Rise Above the Memecoin Mania

With that, the NFTFN platform offers a revolutionary way to trade NFTs while including the transparency and decentralization needed to operate a fair trading platform. As it witnesses evident adoption down the road, the NFTFN token will top the altcoin charts, overtaking any memecoin observing spiking at the moment.


NFTFN is the go-to platform for perpetual trading of diverse assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment of just $10, users can easily take long or short positions on their chosen asset class, catering to traders of all levels.


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