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Will Ethereum Layer 2’s Scroll be the next big airdrop? The new Scroll-based ve(3.3) DEX, Skydrome, is making waves in the DeFi space.

Will Ethereum Layer 2’s Scroll be the next big airdrop? The new Scroll-based ve(3.3) DEX, Skydrome, is making waves in the DeFi space.

Scroll: The Hidden Gem Among Airdrop Farmers?

The bull market seems to be taking off now, and crypto is full of new airdrops. Traders recently got lucky with the Manta Layer2 airdrop, farming blast points, and soon after, the Wormhole airdrop, which was very generous.

The emerging layer 2 blockchain, Scroll seems to be another contender, even though it appears vastly under-farmed according to a few influencers on Twitter.

Scroll, which has raised a total funding of $80 million from investors like Sequoia Capital and Qiming Venture Partners, has secretly amassed a total value bridged of $147 million USD according to L2Beat.

Airdrop farmers are attempting to use various apps and perform activities on the Scroll blockchain to position themselves for a potential airdrop as soon as the native token launches.

Whether airdrop farmers will get lucky on Scroll is highly speculative, since Scroll itself has not initiated any campaigns or points campaigns hinting at airdrops.

In fact, the team behind Scroll seems to stay away from flashy airdrop marketing and focuses mostly on contributors and builders. Perhaps this even presents a chance for a bigger drop, since it’s vastly unexpected.

Skydrome: New innovative ve3.3 DEX on Scroll blockchain

Before the Scroll hype takes off, which is expected in the coming weeks, one should check out another interesting project on the Scroll blockchain called Skydrome.

The decentralised exchange Skydrome aims to become a liquidity flywheel on the Scroll blockchain through its novel ve(3.3) tokenomics design. Its project token, $SKY, has emerged as the number one traded native token on the blockchain, boasting a current valuation of around $1.7M at the time of writing.

While the Skydrome team is different from the Velodrome/Aerodrome team, it shares the same goal: to become the leading ve(3.3) exchange on its own underlying layer 2 blockchain.

Velodrome and Aerodrome have pioneered this concept quite successfully on the Optimism and Base Blockchains, amassing valuations of $145M and $359M, respectively.

Whether Skydrome (valued at $1.7M), can achieve similar success remains to be seen.

Can Skydrome achieve similar success to Aerodrome/Velodrome?

The Skydrome ve(3.3)-powered decentralised exchange launched in October on Scroll Mainnet and has been live since day one. It was actually the first project that deployed their smart contracts onto the Scroll network.

As the official ecosystem partner of Scroll, Skydrome received a Quintic Builders NFT from Scroll Team as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the Scroll ecosystem. Whether this NFT will be worth something at some point in time remains to be seen.

So far, the Skydrome protocol contracts have processed more than 400k+ transactions and accumulated more than 4k+ holders.

Their unique ve(3.3) game theory models ensure that incentives are fully aligned between traders and liquidity providers in the ecosystem, making this DEX a new generation of incentive design within the DeFi sphere.

This concept was originally invented by Andre Cronje with a project called Solidly. Since then, the project has been forked several times and has been more famously adopted by big players like Aerodrome and Velodrome on Base and Optimism.

Skydrome is trying to do the same thing on the Scroll Layer 2 blockchain.

Skydrome: The Journey So Far

Their team is currently building up liquidity for the project but has not activated the ve(3.3) feature yet. As soon as Scroll launches their native token and more liquidity flows into the ecosystem, and the team activates the ve(3.3), this could become a major success within the ecosystem.

Skydrome has established a formidable presence in the crypto industry by forging strategic partnerships with influential entities such as, OKX, Orbiter Finance, Axelar, and Symbiosis, building an extensive network that enhances its ecosystem.

To guarantee the security of its operations, Skydrome has undergone rigorous audits by Solidproof and Defimoon, underscoring its commitment to safety and reliability.

Furthermore, Skydrome’s tokens are currently available for trading on prominent platforms including MEXC Global and Izumi, in addition to its own native exchange, showcasing its growing accessibility and appeal within the market.

There are also rumours of another CEX listing coming soon.

Given the early stage of the project, as well as the significant market opportunity for Scroll, the project seems to have a lot of room for growth. It will be interesting once Scroll launches their native token, and users can position themselves accordingly.

The SKY token can be bought on the Skydrome native DEX on Scroll or on MEXC Global. 

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