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XRP Lawyer Reveals 40% Chance of Game-Changing Twist in SEC v. Ripple Case

In a recent analysis of the ongoing legal dispute between Ripple Labs and the U.S. SEC, legal expert Fred Rispoli has highlighted a potential significant development in the case, suggesting a 40% likelihood of a pivotal twist.

As became known yesterday, the SEC has requested a substantial $2 billion fine against Ripple. This demand, expected to be detailed in forthcoming documents, marks a critical moment in Ripple’s extended legal battle with the regulatory agency.

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Rispoli, a known supporter of XRP, dissected the nuances of the case, emphasizing the seriousness of the SEC’s allegations against Ripple. He noted the importance of the regulator’s obligation to demonstrate actual harm to investors, a point contested by Ripple, which denies the validity of the SEC’s claims and questions the regulator’s adherence to legal standards.

The motion, Rispoli stressed, carries substantial implications for Ripple and the cryptocurrency market. Speculating on possible outcomes, he suggested two scenarios: a favorable settlement post-ruling to which he gives a 40% chance of an extended legal battle with Ripple facing constraints in its operations.

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Examining the motion, Rispoli highlighted several key aspects, including the contentious issue of discounted XRP sales to institutional buyers. He expressed concern over the potential impact of these discounts on XRP’s market dynamics, particularly on retail investors and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Moreover, Rispoli discussed Ripple’s ongoing XRP sales post-litigation, raising questions about the company’s revenue sources and contractual arrangements with institutional buyers. He noted the significance of the court’s impending ruling on the legality of these transactions, signaling potential changes in Ripple’s future business practices.

In an intriguing observation, Rispoli also pondered the impact of institutional buyer discounts on XRP’s price trajectory, hinting at the potential influence of large-scale investors on market dynamics.

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